How To Work Like A Pro With A Comfortable WFH Office

How To Work Like A Pro With A Comfortable WFH Office

March 2020-It was when you walked out of your office with a hope to return back to office within a couple of weeks. Utmost, a couple months!!

But the weeks turned into months, months into a year, and now it has been almost a year and half that most of us are still stuck in the “WFH” scenario. Most of us have reached a point where we need encouragement so as to enhance our productivity which has almost reached the “zero level”!!

The sheer unpredictability of the pandemic situation has stopped many of us from investing in a proper “WFH Office Setup”. If you wish to work like a pro, and reach peak productivity levels, just get a step ahead and boss-up your office.

Here’s a list of office essentials available at the Kawaii Amai store that’ll make working from home much more comfortable for you.

A Coffee Mug To Start Your Day

Did you just leave your favourite mug in the office? Choose from these cute kawaii mugs to sip your morning coffee.

  • Kawaii Dinosaur Ceramic Mug
  • Kawaii Ceramic Moon Coffee Mug

A Comfortable Seat Cushion

A comfy one-seat cushion is a must if you’ve to sit and work for long hours, to avoid that severe back pain. The Kawaiiamai store has amazing options for super-soft chair cushions that are absolutely perfect for work from home office chairs.

  • Kawaii Backrest Cushion
  • Kawaii Bunny Seat Cushion
  • Kawaii Cat Paw Cushion (Pair)

Wireless Headphones

No more worries about disturbance and echoes during office conference calls and meetings. The Kawaii Cat Bluetooth Wireless Headphones have amazing noise cancellation.

An Illuminating Desk Lamp

Worried about the lighting for your next video call? The Kawaii Lights will do the job for you and you’ll look great on all your office calls.

  • Kawaii Cat Table Lights
  • Cat Reading Table Night Light Lamp (USB Charging)

A Storage box

The Kawaii Cat Storage Box comes in handy to stash away those extra pens, pencils, paper clips, markers, etc. so it won’t be a task to find your stuff the next day.

A Shoulder Massager

You might experience pain in your shoulders and neck after hours of working on screen. The Kawaii Cervical and Shoulder Massager promotes blood circulation and soothes the pain in neck and shoulders.

Feet Warmer For Those Chilly Days

There’s a wide range of fluffy slippers and feet warmer to protect your feet from the freezing cold in winters. These products are made of super-soft material and are very gentle on the skin.

Cute Decor Pieces For Aesthetic Vibes

Who doesn’t like cute decor items on their office desk!! The Kawaii Amai store has an adorable collection of cute decorative pieces that would completely transform the look of your office.

An Alarm Clock

You would never miss a meeting or deadline if you’ve a clock on your office table. What’s better than having a chargeable alarm clock with LED display and adorable animal ear design!!