How to use an Air Impact Wrench - Guide

How to use an Air Impact Wrench – Guide

Impact wrenches powered by compressed air are real powerhouses. You can also use these devices to tighten stubborn nuts and loosen them from the material after you have attached yourself to them. How strong the impact wrench is is indicated by torque. If necessary, you will find particularly powerful models in our test and comparison table – but all of them can easily cope with car tires.

Pneumatic impact wrenches are standard equipment in car workshops. They are able to develop high torques, some of which are even over 1,000 Newton meters. This makes them ideal for loosening and tightening screws and glow plugs on the car. In contrast to electric impact wrenches, which are operated with a rechargeable battery or a power cord, there is no risk of flying sparks with pneumatic impact wrenches. You can get your Dewalt 20 Volt Battery Replacement here.

Private users also use the pneumatic impact wrench when changing a wheel or replacing glow plugs. These devices facilitate and accelerate the necessary work enormously. If you want to save time and effort when changing a wheel in the future , a pneumatic impact wrench is a sensible investment . In our compressed air impact wrench comparison 2021, we will show you what is important when making a purchase and why a compressor is an indispensable addition to pneumatic tools. Find the best pneumatic impact wrench for your personal workshop at home with our buying guide.

How can you change a wheel quickly with a pneumatic impact wrench thanks to its high torque?

Even if the rapid speeds are more than unrealistic, a pneumatic impact wrench can relieve you of a lot of effort when changing wheels and tires. An impact wrench with compressed air makes it easier to tighten and loosen screws. This is just as noticeable when changing a wheel as it is when loosening glow plugs: Wherever you would otherwise have to consult a specialist or work manually, the work with the pneumatic tool is easy for you.

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The advantage of a pneumatic impact wrench lies in the special movements that the device performs. Pulse-like beats are coupled to the rotary movement. This combination enables a significantly higher torque than, for example, cordless screwdrivers or electric screwdrivers.

In such a device, as well as in a cordless impact wrench or an electric impact wrench, the tool is received by an external square connection. In contrast to simple cordless screwdrivers, the use of drills is not possible.

The main difference between a cordless screwdriver and an impact wrench with compressed air is the motor drive. Pneumatic impact wrenches are driven by a compressed air compressor , such as the DSS 1/2 Premium Power pneumatic impact wrench from Würth. The compressor is connected to the impact wrench via a compressed air hose. A 1/4 inch connection on the impact wrench is used for this.

The right compressor is essential for tools that work with compressed air. Since you cannot find a complete pneumatic impact wrench set on the market, you have to buy the right compressor for your tool separately. Make sure that the compressor has the highest possible working pressure. This should be at least 6 bar, ideally a little more.

The air throughput should be around 150 liters per minute. To be absolutely sure that you are using the correct compressor, you should comply with the specific values ​​that are specified on your pneumatic impact wrench or in its operating instructions.