How to Throw a Bachelorette Party in a Cabin

Wedding planning comes with many an opportunity to fete a couple and celebrate a relationship.

But there’s one event and one event only that celebrates the bride alone: the bachelorette party. Today, we’ve evolved from a low-key dinner or lunch celebration to a full-blown celebration extravaganza.

From raunchy games to private boat charters and matching outfits – bachelorette’s are a time to sit back, let loose, and have some good old-fashioned fun.

And is there a better way to celebrate than out in the wilderness, inside a cabin? So unique, right?

If you’re looking for ideas to plan the perfect camping bachelorette party, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for more.

Plan a Wellness Weekend

Let’s be honest. There isn’t much to do out in the lonesome woods. You’ll need all the activities to keep your gang occupied and happy.

With the new emphasis on self-care trending, why not plan a low-key wellness getaway? Look for cabin rentals that offer masseuse, hot spa, nail servicing, and other services for some great one-on-one time with friends.

Or else, you could get creative and plan out some wellness activities yourself! Face masks, massages, manicures … they all work for some much-needed R&R time with your besties.

Embrace Nature

Since you’re going the cabin route anyway, why not go the whole hog?

Glamping is the new “it” thing, and for a reason. You’ll be able to commune with nature while savoring an unforgettable experience. Swimming, campfire, s’mores – why not try it all?

You may want to hire luxury tents with all the amenities if your squad is a little more glam than campy.

Staycation All the Way

Instead of heading to the nearest airport, why not look for large group cabin rentals in your city?

Book a beautiful cabin for a couple of days and bring all the champagne, movies, and games.

Spend the day (and night) with your besties for some bonding time. You can go all out with matching PJ sets, robes, and other memorabilia. If you’re a low-key bride, this is the best way to spend a relaxing few nights before the big day.

Go On a Local Tour

Cabins are usually out in the countryside. While you may think there’s not much to do out in the wilderness, there are surprisingly lots of local experiences on offer!

From tours of haunted houses to berry-picking farms, there are many hidden gems in the countryside. Go wine tasting or on a food tour, or explore the local scenery with a long hike.

This way, you’ll get to explore new locales and territories while getting a break from all the wedding planning.

Go Ham on the Decor

Every great party needs to amp up the decor elements. Even though streamers and balloons are a bit old-school, they are a great start to bachelorette party decorations you should to utilize.

At the same, push yourself to get more creative with it! What about pictures of you and the gang? Personalized coffee cups and wine glasses with your names on them? You can’t forget the adulted theme décor either. Try to spice things up with a bunch of Penis candle.

If you have a pool or jacuzzi in your cabin, don’t forget to decorate it too! Add twinkling fairy lights for some nighttime ambiance, or adorn with it fun floaties galore.

The right decor will have you feeling ready to party while being totally cute for all those Boomerangs and Instagram stories.

Get Arty With It

Why not get your creative juices flowing before the big day? Drink and paint bachelorettes are a great way to sit back, chat, and enjoy quality time with your best friends.

You could also try your hand at a new art skill, such as pottery or weaving. The options are endless here!

A live drawing class is also great fun. If you want to get raunchy with it (like in a traditional bachelorette), why not opt for a good old-fashioned nude live drawing class?

A glass of wine or two and attempts at stellar drawing skills make for great stories post-party.

Host a Classy Tea Party

Are you a bride-to-be who enjoys the finer things in life? If so, a tea party is the ultimate bachelorette idea for you!

Gather up the squad and get ready for some yummy treats and good old-fashioned cheers-ing!

And you don’t need to go to a fancy hotel to get your tea party fix, either. Host your party in the comfort of your very own cabin.

Get the squad to prep some tasty finger sandwiches with cucumber, cream cheese, and salmon. Keep the champagne ready – after all, what party is complete without some bubbles!

And lastly, bring along some beautiful china tea sets and all the tea options for some delectable brewing. You’ll be able to sip away, nibble, and enjoy a luxurious tea party.

That sounds like a real dream come true!

Boisterous Bachelorette Party in a Quiet Cabin

Let us paint the picture for you. A few of your closest girlfriends, the secluded woods, the beauty of nature, and the joy of having no one else around you.

Sounds perfect, right?

We hope this article gave you some excellent bachelorette party ideas for the perfect celebration. It’s time to go all out and celebrate the bride!

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