How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Dirt Bike

How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Dirt Bike

The average age of a pro-Supercross rider is 25 years old, but riders can start their careers as early as 16. If you want to give your kids a shot at the big time of dirt bike racing, you need to start them off early.

But how can you teach your kids the basics of dirt bike safety and let them have fun at the same time? You need to develop an effective methodology to help your children master the art of learning to ride a dirt bike.

This basic guide outlines what it takes to get your child on the path to becoming a little shredder. Read on to learn all you need to know about facilitating dirt bike lessons for your child or pre-teen.

How Early Is Too Early?

You may be tempted to begin dirt bike lessons as soon as your child is old enough to walk. While there is no uniform age for how young your children should start riding, there are some general rules to help guide you.

First of all, your child should be fully competent riding a bicycle before you let them touch anything with a motor. Once your child has mastered riding a bicycle and riding one on a dirt track, you can think about the next step.

Acquire Critical Safety Gear

You will want to get all of the appropriate gear for your child before they start riding. This includes things such as a helmet, goggles, gloves, long sleeves, and long pants. Make sure that you buy everything in child size so it fits.

Give your child a crash course in safety equipment and how it works. Explain to them the importance of wearing pads and a helmet so that you can instill a culture of safety in their minds at a young age.

Go Over the Basics of a Dirt Bike

You should explain the basics of how to operate a dirt bike to your child and let them examine one before their first ride. Make sure to get an appropriate-sized kids motorcycle depending on their age.

The best dirt bike for children is one that fits how long their legs and arms are. A full-sized dirt bike will be far too large for the average child. A mini dirt bike is far more appropriate for kids and has all the functionality of a standard one.

Start Slow and Hire an Instructor if Needed

If you ride, you should shadow your child every step of the way until they are confident. Provide positive feedback and advice as they learn the basics of falling, turning, stopping, backing up, and doing basic maneuvers.

If you don’t ride, you should hire a professional couch to help your child navigate the learning curve. Someone with a high level of dirt biking experience will need to educate your child, whether it’s you or a teacher.

Be a Dirt Biking Family

A family that rides dirt bikes together shares the best of what life has to offer. If you think your children are up to the challenge of living an extreme sports lifestyle, you need to teach them how to ride today.

Employ the advice in this article when teaching your child how to ride a dirt bike for the first time. Check back with our website again soon for other articles like this.