How to submit a guest post with a best clickable title for traffic?
How to submit a guest post with a best clickable title for traffic

How to submit a guest post with a best clickable title for traffic?

Guest post writing or guest blogging is one of the effective marketing strategies for online businesses. Guest posts are a great way to increase brand visibility, brand authority, and link popularity of a website. If you want to know about the many advantages of guest blogging, read on! Here we discuss guest blogging benefits, creating a guest blogging strategy, and finding guest posting opportunities online.

What is guest posting?

Guest posts are usually articles written and submitted to sites that invite content from niche blog writers or contributors. Guest blogging can be free or paid. Guest articles allow one or two outbound links to authority sites and bio. Content marketers use this strategy primarily to increase backlinks.

Guest Posting In 2021

As the marketing strategies and search engine algorithms are continuously evolving, guest posting strategies require a different approach in 2021. Many content strategists use guest blogging as a tool to build links, and Google hates this approach. Google’s content guidelines stress E-A-T – that is, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness – from any piece of content. The article or the post should be written for users, and the content should offer some value the user can use and trust. And, of course, you can’t promote your links explicitly in a guest post article. So how should you approach guest blogging now?

Consider the following factors as you craft your guest posts:

Create Quality Content

Write an excellent piece of content that the readers can connect to and trust. The content needs to be edited for grammatical errors, typos and should flow logically from start to end. Include links from authority sites to validate your points. Mention industry statistics and research. Support your claims with relevant data. It would be best if you work to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. This strategy will create a good follower base and boost traffic to your site. As an industry expert, you will receive invitations from other sites to write guest posts for them.

How to submit a guest post with a best clickable title for traffic?
How to submit a guest post with a best clickable title for traffic

Structure Your Post in a Reader-Friendly Way:

With readers’ attention span decreasing, you need to structure your guest posts that interest your readers. Start with an attention-grabbing heading. Break your content into pieces, creating interesting subheadings. Include infographics or video content. Keep the post lengths within 2000 words. Or you can research a bit on ideal post lengths in your niche and write accordingly.

Craft Bios That Work

Bio is the only space in the guest post real estate where you can directly talk about you, your product, or services. Here, you are allowed to place a link to your website. Utilize the opportunity to drive traffic to the relevant pages. Or add your social handles to increase your follower base.

Where To Find Guest Posting Opportunities?

After you have finished writing the guest posts, it is now time to find sites to publish them. You can get Google to find them for you. Search queries such as “industry+write for us,” “industry+become a writer” will return hundreds of sites that accept guest posts. You will also come across marketing blogs that list sites that accept guest posts for your niche. However, you should check the editorial guidelines before submitting your articles.

An editor can receive hundreds of e-mail for guest posts. Adhering to the guidelines ensures your chance to get accepted. Alternatively, you can find efficient guest blogging services that offer writing high-quality posts and ensure they get published in authoritative, high-traffic sites. Choosing such services will save you time.

Guest posting, done right, can be an effective tool for marketing your content to the targeted traffic.