How To Spy On Facebook Messages Free Without The Phone?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform and a lot of people communicate using its messaging platform, Facebook messenger. Facebook Messenger allows users to send messages, pictures, videos, and audio. Like all messaging apps, the Facebook messenger has its perks and cons. Malicious people can use Facebook messenger to contact your kids and get them to do terrible things. A cheating partner may also use Facebook messenger to contact his or her lover. 

The internet is not completely safe and to protect your children and your relationship, you may need to spy on their Facebook messenger messages to make sure they are doing the right things online. The following are the best spy apps to help you rest assured that your kids enjoy a healthy online experience and your partner remains faithful. Let’s go!

Top 4 Facebook Spy Apps 

This is the best cell phone tracker you can use to spy on Facebook messenger accounts on both Android and iOS devices. The uMobix phone tracker gives you full access to all the messages sent and received via Facebook messenger. Setting up this phone tracker is also extremely easy regardless of what device you plan to track. 

To track iOS devices, unlike some other cell phone tracker apps, you do not need to jailbreak the device or install any app on the device. All you need is the iCloud ID and password of the iPhone you plan to track. To spy on Facebook messenger messages on Android, you do not have to root the device, all you need is to install the uMobix app on the device. uMobix’s support team is always ready to give you detailed explanations on how to set up the uMobix tracking on any device. 

Once you have the tracking set up, you can monitor your child’s or partner’s  Facebook messenger from your dashboard on any device. You can see messages exchanged as well as pictures and videos. 

In addition to Facebook messenger, this phone tracker app allows you to spy on activity on other social media apps and it is also one of the best phone tracker apps for Whatsapp. This cell phone tracker also allows you to spy on calls made to and from your target’s phone. It even lets you keep an eye on the contacts saved on the device and will alert you if any call logs are deleted. The uMobix phone tracker app also has a GPS locator which enables you to get a fix on your child or partner’s location at any time you want. uMobix can also be used to spy on your target’s regular SMS messages

 You can get the uMobix phone tracker in 3 different packages. The monthly package costs $49.99, the quarterly package which costs $83.99, and the yearly package which costs $139.99.

Spyzzz is another spy app that makes it easy to spy on Facebook messenger messages. This app is mainly for people who are trying to confirm the loyalty of their partners but it can also be used by parents who want to keep an eye on the Facebook messenger activities of their kids. This phone tracker has several features that make it extremely suitable to keep your children safe both online and offline. 

The geolocation feature enables you to keep an eye on your target’s movements to make sure they are in the right place at the right time. You are also able to access the phonebook of the target device from your dashboard and then proceed to remove the numbers of suspicious individuals. You are also able to block specific numbers from contacting the device. 

SMS messages can also be monitored and you can block SMS messages from dangerous or suspicious individuals. Spyzzz allows you to keep track of the apps installed on the target device as well as the time spent on each app. This app also lets you monitor the browser history of your target device and you can even block certain apps from being accessed on the device. Spyzzz costs $49.99 per month to monitor both android and ios devices. 

Cocospy phone tracker lets you spy on Facebook messenger messages remotely. With this phone tracker app, you can spy on Facebook messenger messages including those from group chats, with timestamps. Setting up the cocospy app is also straightforward. Once you have your account created, you install the cocospy app on your target device and start monitoring the device. 

Unfortunately, although cocospy can monitor other activities on both android and iOS devices, you can only spy on Facebook messenger messages on android devices. You can however monitor other messaging apps like Whatsapp and Line on iOS devices. The messages you uncover from Facebook messenger get saved to cocospy’s servers to allow you to view the messages at any time even if the target deletes the messages from their device. 

Cocospy can be installed on non-rooted devices and it immediately hides itself so that the target is oblivious to being spied on. Cocospy lets you track the location of the target device and you can even set up a virtual fence around the target so that you get notified anytime they step out of a specified region. Cocospy’s phone tracker also gives you access to the call log of the target device with information such as duration and frequency of calls. 

The basic cocospy plan costs $39.99 monthly, the premium plan costs $49.99 per month and there’s a family plan that allows you to track up to three devices for 69.99 per month.

Here’s another great phone tracker app to spy on the Facebook messenger app. The spystealth phone tracker app can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. With this app, you can monitor Facebook messenger as well as other social media apps like Instagram and Twitter. It even gives you the ability to check on the SMS messages on your target device. This of course includes deleted text messages. 

You can also view the location of the device on a map and in real-time and set up a geofence to alert you of your child’s movements. Spystealth will also give you a list of all the locations visited by the device so that you do not have to stare at the screen all day long to know your child’s movements. All the media stored on the device can also be viewed by you through your dashboard. One other great feature of this cell phone tracking app is that it allows you to block certain apps on your child’s device. If for example, you only want your child to use Whatsapp for 2 hours daily, you can block Whatsapp after it has been used for 2 hours each day. Spystealth has three plans. The basic plan costs $24.95 for a month, the premium plan costs $59.95 monthly, and the non-jailbreak plan costs $29.95 monthly.


The safety of your child and relationship should be of great importance to you. So, if you need to install a phone tracker app on their devices for monitoring in real-time, it’s understandable.