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How To Sell College Textbooks

The rising cost of education, even for just a semester, is enough to put anyone in dismay. However, it’s a widely known fact that most college textbooks are expensive. 

Paying huge sums of money for books you’ll only use for a few months can be painful, especially if you don’t have enough money. But you can sell your college textbooks and get a good part of your money back. 

This guide will show you an effective and stress-free way of selling your college textbooks. With critical strategic planning, you can turn it into a side business. 

Let’s begin. 

What To Do Before Selling Your College Textbooks 

If you plan on selling your college books, it’s crucial to maintain their good quality. That’s because the state of your textbooks determines how much you’ll get from them. So you need to avoid highlighting, marking, or writing in the margins. 

Also, don’t eat while studying as it could spill on the book, and shelf your textbooks when you’re not using them. Finally, you should do anything you can to reduce wear and tear on the book. These tips will surely help you get a reasonable price for your textbooks. 

One more thing: you should always sell your books as fast as you can when you’re done with them. That’s because the prices can and will decrease when a particular book becomes popular. And also, when a publisher releases a new edition. 

When that happens, it won’t matter if your book is in good condition or not. 

Ways To Sell Your College Textbooks 

If you’re new in the bookselling business, there are several ways you can use to sell your books. As we go through them, choose the one that works best for you. Then, of course, you can use all the options listed.

  • Sell Your Books To College Bookstores

It’s most likely that your campus bookstores will buy back your used textbooks, especially if the professors will use the same book next semester. The good thing is the bookstores often pay you within minutes. 

Also, some students prefer convenience to money, so this option seems reasonable. However, if you want to make a profitable income, it’s not advisable to choose this option. The campus bookstores come up with a quota where they pay you a fair amount. 

However, these bookstores want to make money too, so they pay a small amount. 

  • Sell Your Books Online 

So far, the best way to sell your books and make a reasonable income is to sell them online. Selling textbooks online is the stress-free and easiest way where all you have to do for most bookselling sites is to: 

  1. Type in your book’s ISBN
  2. Choose your quote, and 
  3. Ship your textbooks

Some sites like offer free shipping, and that also helps you save money. The downside, however, is that if you don’t live close to a post office, shipping your books might be inconvenient. 

But in these instances, bookselling sites that offer free shipping can help. 

  • Sell Your Books Directly To Students 

Some students will need the same textbooks you used in the previous semester. So you can sell your books to them directly. You can make massive profits when you take this route since you take out the middleman.

However, it can be challenging to find a buyer, so you’ll have to be strategic. Also, some students may want you to reduce the cost because they’re on a budget. Other students may not complete their classes, and they may want their money back.

If you don’t take the necessary precautions, it could lead to awkward confrontations. And that can affect your business.

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Final Thoughts 

You can find many ways to sell your textbooks. Hopefully, this guide will give you a step in the right direction and make a meaningful income. If you want to sell your books online, you can try bookselling sites like, Bookscouter,, Barnes & Noble, etc. 

Finally, know when to sell your textbooks. Ideally, it’s good to sell your books at the beginning of the semester. And that’s because most students buy their books during that time. Plus, the end of the semester is not the ideal time. 

You’ll have others also selling the same books as you. So you should develop a strategy to boost your sales.