How To Select The Best Cloud Marketplace To Sell Your Software

How To Select The Best Cloud Marketplace To Sell Your Software

Are you thinking of selecting the best cloud marketplace for selling your software? If yes, then you need to understand specific facts that can bother you in the future. There are particular parameters that you must consider before selecting the best cloud marketplace for your software.

The authenticity, security, data storage capacity, and performance of the cloud platform can help you to understand whether it is the right platform for you or not. Do not make your choices regarding the cloud platform selection in a blank mind; otherwise, you will have to suffer later.

Essential Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Cloud Marketplace   

You must consider several factors from your end while selecting the best cloud marketplace for selling the software. Let’s see which parameters will help you to choose the best cloud marketplace for selling the software.

1. Ability To Integrate With Existing Systems Seamlessly    

One of the most effective means for selecting the right cloud marketplace to sell the software is to check the integration capability of that cloud platform which can help you integrate your old software with the new platform seamlessly.

Some people ask me why to sell on google cloud platform marketplace? I always answer them that the Google Cloud platform marketplace has an API based interface that allows the users to seamlessly use the old and the new versions of the new system.

2. Billing That Is Purpose Built For Digital Marketplaces 

The billing platform of the marketplace in the cloud-based platform allows you to make the changes in the digital market depending on the price, pay per use, subscriptions, and many more are there.

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You must consider one thing that the cloud marketplace you are selecting must have the power to provide you the opportunity to change the prices of your software as per the market condition. It must give you the scope to provide the option of third-party integration for monetization.

3. A Proper Catalog For Leading Application 

Your cloud marketplace must provide the opportunity to give the updated contractual agreements to showcase all the products on your platform. It will enable you to get insight into whether you can showcase your all software product line in their online marketplace or not.

You have to develop your business plan as per the marketplace offerings that you are ready to accept. You must cross-check these facts while you make your selection for a leading cloud-based marketplace for your business.

4. Proper Road Map That Shows Value   

In today’s ever-changing digital economy, you must offer the scope of continuous innovation. You must ask your cloud marketplace platform whether they will provide you the opportunity with some new innovative features in their platform that can help you and your customers adequately.

Ensure one thing from your end that good road map they must show you for future development to help you and your customers get the best in class services. You must know every aspect of them to make a proper selection of the cloud marketplace.

5. Quick & Easy On-Boarding For New Application   

When you are making the selection of the cloud-based marketplace for selling your software, ensure that your platform must provide you all the necessary facilities that your new application requires like:-

  • It must provide you easy to add new application features to your platform.
  • You must be able to add new add ons to your software.
  • It must enable you to add new extensions to your new software.
  • The Web developers must have access to change or add new features to your software in your cloud marketplace as per the market needs.


Hence, these are some of the crucial facts that you must consider at your end while you want to develop your business in the right direction. Selection of the best cloud-based software is not that easy if you are not aware of the mentioned points in the article. Ensure that you have selected the best-cloud based platform for selling your software.