How to remove a picture background in PowerPoint online

The background is considered as everything except the main focus of the image. Different tools are available in the market which helps us to take photographs easily but only a few tools are present that work to enhance the quality of a picture. All the fields with professionalism and seriousness in their work such as education and business required a picture with the removed background. A picture with a removed background always attracts more and the main focus is prominently appearing in such photographs.

Imgkits remove the background of a photograph using artificial intelligence as it identifies the background as well as the main part of the picture on its own. You just need to upload a picture and select the tool while the remaining work is done by the tool itself. This website cut down the main focus of the picture in such a way that only the protagonist remains the same while other things including furniture, animals, and logo are removed. A user can also add different backgrounds from the gallery or online according to their taste and choice.

What do you know about background remover?


A background remover may be an application or website which works online as well as offline to remove the background of a picture or a video. A background remover works in such a way that the main focus of the photograph remains the same while all the useless and unwanted things in the background are removed. A background remover not only removes the background but also changes it into a transparent or colorful background according to the choice of the customer. If a person wants to remove the background in such a way that only the main focus remains the same but all the accessories, materials, and stuff are removed without creating any hurdle.


Imgkits is considered one of the most popular picture editing websites on the internet. It contains many tools of background removal, picture enlargement, blemishes remover, colorization, and watermark along with logo remover. A user can avail of all the services on the Imgkits website without any paid subscription and all the services are free online. Imgkits works in such a way that it automatically removes the background of the picture or replaces it with another background of your choice without any special command.

Why do you need to upload transparent pictures in PowerPoint?

Today everyone wants to make its product attractive and eye-catching in the market to increase its demand. Online business is increasing day by day and people are developing in business and advertisements. Young entrepreneurs need to move towards big brands to present their ideas and working strategies in the form of PowerPoint presentations. A young person is considered as more talented because of their speaking skills as well as presenting skills. Young entrepreneurs, as well as experienced ones, always work on the graphic of PowerPoint presentations so that the brands keep their engagement in the product and strategy. The images in which the main product is more focused attract more attention than the images with random backgrounds.

Youngsters who moved to different firms for the sake of jobs and opportunities always ask to present themselves. In the professional field, it becomes very awkward to upload a picture in a PowerPoint presentation with random people in the background or with watermarks and logos. Along with all these reasons, if we talk about the student community then they also need to upload a picture with a transparent background in the final term PowerPoint presentation. As we have explained, a PowerPoint presentation must contain a photograph with a removed background so that the viewer may not feel distracted during the presentation. People remove the background also represents the professionalism and cleanliness of the whole scenario.

How to remove background from picture?

Imgkits always work in such a way that all the unwanted content such as stamps, text, logo, and watermarks, etc. is removed. A person can also retouch photos by removing the tourist and unwanted objects from the background. If a person wants to remove the background of a picture for using it in PowerPoint then the background must be transparent. The steps that involved in learning how to use Imgkits to remove background are given below:

  • First of all, open up the browser of your device and then in the search engine type After opening up the official website different tools will start appearing on the main screen. Now you need to select the editing tool which you want to do with your picture.
  • As if you want to remove the background of the picture to use it in PowerPoint then select the background remover tool. A background remover works in such a way that it will remove the background without creating any problem with the main part of the picture using artificial intelligence. When you select the tool the system will automatically ask you to upload a picture on which you want to work.
  • Now select the option of ‘upload image’ and this will ask you about the location of the desired image. Move towards the exact location of the image and then click on it and upload it on the official website. When the images are successfully uploaded and the tool is being selected then Imgkits website will automatically start working on it.
  • A user needs to wait for almost 2-5 seconds to complete working on the picture and after that, an edited image will appear on the screen. If you want to work more on editing the picture before putting it in PowerPoint then you can select any tool.
  • When you are done with the editing of the picture then you must select the option of ‘download image’. The option of download images will download as well as save the image in the device for the future. The image that would be saved would be in a PNG file and now a user can edit, share or paste this picture anywhere specifically in PowerPoint.


Above mentioned steps are considered the easiest for editing a picture as you don’t need to learn tricky commands and complex procedures. A user may enjoy different colors for the background and the complete working is just in a few seconds. We suggest all the readers give a chance to all the tools present on Imgkits background remover. A user can easily access the website and can use all the templates. The working of a website in seconds enhances its popularity in the business community as it saves their time as well as money. The website is a complete editor for e-commerce as it works to enhance the quality and attraction of the picture in the market.