How To Properly Plan Your Prom in 2021

How To Properly Plan Your Prom in 2021

For students, prom nights are those grand, fun-filled, unforgettable moments they want to cherish for the rest of their lives. Planning for proms can be quite a big deal and stressful and may take weeks. However, with some thorough planning tips from expert prom planners, you can eliminate the stress element from your prom planning. Consider these tips while you plan your prom this year.

Proms In The Time Of Covid

Due to the pandemic, many school authorities rule out allowing proms in 2021 to avoid mass gatherings. It is a massive disappointment for students who look to enjoy the coming-of-age experience as they grow up. Some school authorities are in favour of scheduling proms in June. This year, planning for proms will need a more creative and innovative approach. Adhering to the Covid-19 safety guidelines means proms can go virtual or celebrated in small groups maintaining social distance. Some authorities have outlined strict Covid safety guidelines for making proms as safe as possible. If your principal encourages you to attend a safe prom event, read on.

Planning For a Prom? Make A Budget First

Prom nights are exciting for students. Every student wants to look their best on prom nights. Planning for a prom night involves some heavy-duty shopping. And this may be expensive. Creating a budget to keep impulses under control is a wise step, and you should know what and where to look for perfect prom shopping ideas.

Start Early While Shopping For The Dress

Shopping for the prom event will take considerable time, energy, and effort. From buying a figure-hugging dress to shopping for the right accessories, from scheduling dress alteration to purchasing the perfect pair of shoes – it can be a daunting task and is not a thing you save for the last moment.

This year, whether you celebrate a virtual prom or one at your school auditorium or anywhere else, you need that head-turning prom dress. Right? But before you visit the store or order online, check out the Insta feeds for some inspiration and cool stuff. Experts suggest not splurging for a super-expensive dress just for a night. Checking out e-tailers, department stores, clearance racks, and small boutiques for a stunning dress is a good idea. Before you shop for a plunging neckline or a high slit, or a backless beauty, check out the dress code guidelines issued by your school.

Start shopping for the prom dress while there is ample time. Ideally, during January and February, when the latest prom dress collections arrive in the stores.

Why shop early? The dress you want to purchase may not be available in your size, or you may need some alteration. Wearing a perfect fit is the key to dress for the prom night. Having time means you can order your size or have time for alteration. If you are purchasing from online retailers, check out the shipping time, return and refund policies.

Don’t Forget The Undergarments:

Once you select and buy your dress, it is time to shop for matching undergarments. Trying on strapless bras that fit perfectly can take time. You may need shapewear or supportive undergarments to flaunt your prom dress on the big night.

Shop For The Perfect Pair Of Shoes:

After you sort out the clothing, it is time for the perfect shoes. You will want an ideal combination of style and comfort while shopping for shoes. Before picking a pair, you need to consider if they are comfortable and complement your dress. If you are not a high-heel wearer, choosing one for the prom night will be a blunder. Block heels or heeled court shoes can be an excellent choice if you want to add some height to your frame.

Shop For Masks And Accessories

This year, masks are going to be a new addition. Promgoers are busy buying matching masks for the big event. Depending on what you wear, you should consider purchasing fitting masks that add to your style and keep you safe from the virus.

Once you finish shopping for your wearables, it is time to schedule an appointment with your beautician and hairdresser on the big day. For Instagram blazing photos, you need gorgeous makeup and a hairdo. A last-minute rash can be a disaster, so book in advance.

Prom is a social event, a perfect night to enjoy with your friends. Have fun but be safe and responsible.