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How to Plan a Beach Vacation with Your Friends

In 2020, Americans across the nation came to prefer beach vacations and road trips over every other kind of travel. With the stress of everyday life taking its toll now more than ever, finding time to relax on a beach is just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re getting ready to plan a beach vacation with your friends, you’ve come to the right place. As simple as it may seem to pick a beach and hit the road, your vacation will benefit from some more serious planning.

What steps should you take to plan an unforgettable beach vacation for you and all of your friends?

Read on for our complete guide to planning the perfect group vacation to the beach.

Start With a Time

When you’re planning a group vacation, it’s important to start early and to start with a time that works for everyone. Work schedules, childcare, and other obligations will always come into play. The earlier you start, the easier it will be to accommodate everyone’s schedules.

That being said, the region you intend to vacation in will also affect your trip dates. For example, many of the beaches in the south are warm all year round, which means you can spend a winter week in the warm sun. However, if you plan to go up north, you’re looking at a more narrow timeframe when swimming and sunbathing are ideal.

Pick the Perfect Beach

Once you’ve chosen a region and dates for your vacation, it’s time to pick your beach of choice. Believe it or not, most regions that are known for beach vacations have dozens of beaches that you can choose from. Oftentimes, you’ll find that some are better for young people looking for nightlife, some are better for families, and so forth.

To get a better idea of how beaches can vary and why you want to do your research, take a look at this list.

Pick Your Accommodations Carefully

Now that you’ve got the first two steps nailed down, it’s time to think about accommodations. This is often where things can get trickiest in a group dynamic, so let’s break it down. Read on for three major considerations to make when you’re deciding where to stay during your beach vacation.

Style of Lodging

What do you expect from the place you’re staying? This can seem unimportant, especially if you plan to stay out in the sand all day. However, most beach communities offer a wide variety of lodging options and what you choose can make or break your vacation.

There are three primary styles of lodging when it comes to a beach vacation. You’ve got your campsites for people who want to sleep under the stars (or in cabins, if glamping is more your thing). Then you’ve got motels and hotels that have a range of amenities and price scales, and finally, you’ve got all-inclusive resorts.

Proximity to the Beach

Make sure that you know how close your lodgings are to the beach, itself. Many beachgoers are disappointed to discover that their accommodations are not within walking distance of the beach and that they’ll need to drive to get to the water.

Unless you’re already familiar with your accommodations, you may want to do a quick map search. Some motels may advertise beachfront views when really, they’re miles from the shoreline. Don’t get duped by false advertising!

Beach Vacation Budget

Unless you’re footing the bill for all of your friends, you’re going to want to be mindful of pricing. You may want to stay in a resort, but can all of your friends afford that? Make sure that you’re not putting anyone in an uncomfortable position when choosing your place to stay!

Plan a Few Activities

When we picture beach vacations, we tend to picture tons of downtime laying on the sand or playing in the waves. However, you’re going to want to plan a few activities to keep things exciting and enrich your experience.

Scope out the restaurants and bars in the area and make reservations if necessary. Look for fun outdoor activities like kayak rentals, horseback riding, or surfing lessons. It’s good to have at least one specific activity planned per day so that your chill time doesn’t become a snoozefest.

Pack the Right Way to Save Everyone Money

The reality is that a lot of beach towns bring in the majority of their revenue from tourists. As a result, you may notice that a lot of products in beach town stores are, well, expensive.

Make sure that you pack all of your essentials to avoid any potential price gouging. Things like sunscreen, sunhats, UV-protective gear, and bathing suits should all be purchased at home and brought along. You may also want to pack any beach toys, like volleyballs and kites, as well.

If you plan to do a lot of cooking during your beach vacation, bring anything you can from home. Things like cooking oils, spices, and other nonperishables should come with you if your driving. If possible, try to purchase only perishable food at the beach in order to save some dough.

The more you save on essentials, the more you can invest in the local economy by taking tours, dining out, and more!

This Year, Plan a Beach Vacation That No One Will Forget

Americans have rediscovered their love of a simple, relaxing beach vacation. With our guide, you can plan a beach vacation for you and your friends that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Make the most of your beach vacation this year!

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