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How to Open an Amazon Account after Suspension

Receiving an account suspension letter is one of the biggest fears for new and experienced Amazon sellers alike. There looks like a brick wall in front of you, and you wonder where you went wrong. Begin your frantic search for how to open your Amazon account after suspension. Customer service does not accept requests to reopen your account or click a button to reactivate it. There is no “request” here, but a “resource”.

There are Three Phases to Account Suspension

Although you can appeal your suspension at this stage, you can defend your case. Account suspension levels on Amazon are as follows:

  • Your Amazon selling privileges have been revoked when you receive a notification saying as follows. If you send an appeal letter, you may still be able to restore your account.
  • You will receive a notice that your appeal has been denied if you receive a notice like this. Can you send another? Unfortunately, this is not possible.
  • At this time, Amazon permanently bans your account from its market, without allowing you to create a new one. The problem is caused by repeated appeals or aggressive emails that only aggravate the situation.

What I do if Amazon suspended my account ? There is only a chance of opening an Amazon account once you are suspended. It is important to remember that an appeal is only available once. If you are fooled, you will never be able to sell on Amazon again.

An Unusual Case of Opening a Second Account

Is it possible to open a new account? It isn’t a good idea. Amazon’s suspension experts may even refuse to handle his request for another account since it is too risky. Amazon Seller Code of Conduct states, “You can only have one Seller Central account per region you sell in.” Many others think you can justify this by having separate companies for each of your brands or by being recruited to join a program that requires you to open multiple accounts for Amazon. It is better to know than to be banned every time.

Getting your Amazon Account Back After Suspension

Following the suspension of the duel in three stages, and for whatever reason you cannot open a new account, what is the next course of action? You should appeal in writing. If you don’t avoid it, it may witness your business. You can ask an Amazon Suspension Expert for assistance if you lack confidence, but here are the basics for creating an Amazon Suspension Appeal.

Keep Calm and don’t Rush Things!

Keeping calm is hard at the moment, of course. It is natural to lose your cool in these types of situations, as we understand your resentment. You won’t succeed if you attack the seller through social media. Taking responsibility and acknowledging the problem is essential. Avoid blaming others. Stay calm, quiet, and reassured, as this is your only chance to reset your account.

Make sure all Tickets for Attendance are Resolved

Let’s do some “spring cleaning” first. Identify ways to improve the health of your account by resolving outstanding bills. Amazon should not doubt the accuracy of your appeal or your account once they begin reviewing it.

Investigate the Reason for your Suspension

 Amazon seller accounts are usually suspended for the following reasons:

Poor performance metric: You can access it by going to the Account Health page. You must meet and maintain the following performance goals:

  • Order defect rate: <1%
  • Early cancellation rate: <2.5%
  • Late shipping rate: <4%

Violate Amazon policies: Violations of the Amazon Seller Code of Conduct include selling prohibited products.

Contact with the client Subp: Customers are the most valuable part of Amazon, and ignoring them is not a good decision.

  • Using Amazon POA or action plan will help you achieve your goals.

The following questions should be answered when you write Amazon POA:

  • How can this problem be resolved?
  • To solve the issue, what actions did you take?
  • Is there anything you can do to avoid this happening again?

Write Amazon an Appeal Letter

Send Seller Performance the suspension appeal letter once it is written. Can you tell me where I should send it? Open the suspension notice that nobody received. Toward the end of the letter, you will find a button that you will need to click to appeal. Fill out the appeal form completely, review it carefully, and then hit “Submit Appeal.” You will hear back soon.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond to you right away. It can take up to 48 hours for Amazon to retrieve its decision, but let’s face it, you aren’t the only one who attends. What percentage of Amazon sellers are new? Additionally, don’t be tempted to send multiple letters or status requests, as it will not speed up the appeals process.

A response will be received from Amazon.

You will receive a response by email. Here’s hoping you get what you’re looking for.

As a seller, your goal is to exceed your customers’ expectations and provide Amazon with the best service possible. Read the Amazon Seller’s Guide to prevent this unfortunate situation Keep an eye on your account’s health and follow the Code of Conduct. Thus, Google will not experience “opening an Amazon account after suspension”.