How to Make Money

How to Make Money. 

Welcome to my blog, which is The News God dot com as I talk about personal finance, budget, frugal living, and how to be better with money on this site but my #1 rule for money management is to make extra money.

This rule applies no matter what.

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If you have a 9-5 job, the probably your aim is to make more money through either promotion or a new job (lateral promotion).

If you don’t have a job then maybe it’s time to start your own main hustle (think side hustle but it’s not on the side).

No matter what, in this day and age, you should probably be looking at ways to bring in more cash every month unless you are already sitting pretty.

This post is for those not sitting pretty already.

This post is for those that know how far another $1,000 will take them and bring a great impact in their life and such is why I will urge you to help share across the various social media platforms to educate someone.

I know there are several articles about how to go about making money, making money online and making money through the offline hustle but this article is there to serve as a piece of information for you.

Thank you for reading on The News God and we hope to see you here each and everyday for more education and news.