What's the best way to kill hunters in Halo infinite?

How To Kill Hunters In Halo Infinite

Gaming becomes more exciting and intriguing when the player is winning. In Halo Infinite, we have these troublemakers called Hunters. Their name already sounds annoying. Take a look at how to kill hunters in Halo Infinite. Let’s get cracking on how to smash and slash these knuckleheads!

How to Kill hunters in Halo Infinite?

Hunters are one of the most challenging enemies you will face in Halo Infinite.

Here is how you can defeat them:

With the previous Halo games, hunters always travel in pairs, especially after the manipulation of the ranking of the latest versions. In this game, you will come across two different kinds of hunters. More often than not you will run into the classic blue hunters who are not easy to kill but are better than elite banished variance (red hunters).

These red hunters are best fought from a distance but are warned, their red energy can move very far so you need to keep moving to avoid their shots.

The best weapons you can use against hunters are powerful weapons. If you do not have powerful weapons, your next weapon is the shock weapon like the disruptor, shock rifle, or dynamo grenades.

Shock weapons build up over time and if the charger builds up the shock can’t stand your target.

When a hunter is hit, it becomes aggressive when its eyes start glowing. They behave the same way if their pair is hit.

A hunter’s weak spots are on their back and side. Shoot for the exposed orange clusters on their bodies.

You can see these orange clusters on their bodies when the fight begins, if you hit their armor plates with explosives they will detach and this will make their weak spot much easier to hit. There is normally some heavy weapons nearby hunters’ bone location. Scan and look around to see what’s available to you.

Milo weapons can also kill hunters if only you can get behind them to strike their weak spot. Remember when you hit them, they will strike back.

Energy swords can take out an elite blue hunter with just a couple of hits once you remove their backplates and hit their weak spots.

Speed is one of your best assets to kill these hunters, you have to strike faster. Hunters can jump but they can’t climb. Use hedges and other tall structures in the environment to your advantage.

Hunters can toss grenades that you throw at them with their shield. Try and land grenades at their feet and shoot. Use a drop-off cover when you are fighting these hunters.

What Are The Weapons You Can Use in Halo infinite?

There are a lot of weapons you can use to win a fight in Halo Infinite but I am going to list just 5 of them and their uses.

We have:


This weapon looks like an electric taser and fires tiny electric protons which tick into your enemy’s body and causes damage over time to them. The magic number you got to hit is 3 shots and it will destroy their shields. 6 shots will just kill your enemy, their shield will get damaged and they will eventually bleed out due to electric damage over time.

Battle Rifle(BR)

It is a straightforward weapon, very reliable, and is the best weapon. You shoot from a far range with 3 bullets and your opponent will be down. If you’re new you can hit your opponent with 2 shots and a combo with the battle rifle.


This weapon releases energy grenades that bounce off walls and floors before exploding in a big way. It is an assault rifle-type weapon. Players have more advantage to kill if they can calculate shots around corners and off of walls. Two shots directly to an enemy or near will kill them.


It is a shotgun that does well if you are close to mid-range. Even if you’re close to the enemy, the bulldog can’t shoot once to kill. A bit far then you kill your enemy with 2 shots but in a very range, you will need 3 shots to kill. This may disappoint you but hey there’s good news bulldog comes with 4 auto-fire modes and 7 gunshot magnifiers so just hold the gun down and aim steadily.

Energy Sword

We have the old big blue I’m going to cut you sword. This sword is pretty straightforward, it’s just a one-hit kill with just a single swipe of the blade.

It is very effective up close, you can just your enemy with just a blow.

How To Easily Kill Hunters In Halo Infinite

To kill a hunter, you need to always try and get behind them. They are not able to maneuver around because of their shields and this serves as a great tool for you, the player. Hunters don’t climb but they can jump. Because of how they look, killing them can be a bit difficult and you need the right weapon to do it.

You can use the energy sword to kill a hunter by hitting his back or side with a few strikes.

There are some orange clusters located on their bodies and these are the spots you can strike.

Once you can hit their armor and destroy it, you get the advantage to attack their weak spots. You must be very fast when attacking a hunter because the moment they are hit, they become and they can kill.

How do you kill hunters in Halo?

You can also use Plasma grenades too but then again you have to target their weak spots that are their back or side. You can use these grenades in conjunction with the energy sword.

You can throw the grenade to damage their armor then move fully onto their weak spots.

In this approach, you’ll have to be very strategic because you do not want to die in the process.

The grenades must be thrown closer to their feet area so they don’t see it. You can use Frag grenades and Rocket launchers to enable you to cause damage to the hunter. When you are hit in the process of attacking a hunter, you’ll need to flee and hide till your shields are completely restored before you can strike again.

You have to be patient when trying to kill a hunter because attacking them from behind could not be so easy, it can just grab then you are just dead meat.