How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips

Hip dips are caused when one’s hip bone is located higher than his or her femur, causing fat and muscle to cave inward. Hip dips are caused by your genetics so there is cause for alarm if you have them. You are not sick. The good news is that there are ways of filling them up. Isn’t that great?

The exercises that can help you get rid of all the dips. Enjoy this article on how this is possible.

How to get rid of Hip Dips

There are lots of exercises you can do in 30 seconds and 5 to 8 seconds off.

Side Leg Raise

Get on your mat, lying on your side. Start by raising your legs. Raise your right leg moving it up and down whiles lying on your side. If you have a pair of resistance bands, you can use them but if you are a beginner is totally fine to do the workout without one. There are variations for every exercise. Now onto the other side, just slow and controlled. Make sure you’re engaging your glute muscles. Good job!

Booty Tap with Bands

Now lay flat on the mat and extend your legs sideways as far as you can and bring them in for a tap for 10secs. Take a 5secs rest.

Little Rainbows

Next, we’re drawing little rainbows with our feet. Squeeze your booty whiles doing them.

Open your legs and bring them back whiles still lying down flat. Do this for 10secs and take a 5 secs rest.

How The Rainbow Exercise Is Done

This exercise also helps fill hip dips and is done in two forms. The left and right sides.

Rainbow Left

Now lift yourself with your hands on the mat and your legs in a knelt position. We’re drawing a bigger rainbow one leg at a time and try to engage your glutes whiles lifting your legs. Do this for 25secs and take a 5 secs rest.

Rainbow Right

Move on to the other side. Make sure you’re squeezing your glutes. Mind your muscle connection is important. Do this for 25secs and take 8 secs rest.

The 2 Angled Fire Hydrant Exercise

2 Angled Fire Hydrant (L)

Alright, stay in the same position, and let’s do some angle fire hydrants. Lift your knee to the side, then come back down. Then lift it slightly angled diagonally to hit the other part of your glutes. Squeeze your glutes and feel that burn and keep pushing guys. Do this for 30secs

2 Angled Fire Hydrant(R)

Now on to the other side. Do the same procedure you did for your left and keep pushing guys. Do this for 30secs and take 8secs rest.

The Glute Bridge Exercise

Under this exercise, we have the glute bridge abduction and feet touch. You have to lay down on your back to do this exercise.

Glute Bridge Abduction

Lay flat on the mat and raise your booty, squeezing the glutes and doing as many abductions as possible while taking occasional breaks. You’re halfway through the workout. This is for 30secs.

Glute Bridge Feet Touch

Now stay put and put your feet together. Remember you need to squeeze your glutes and have that mind-muscle connection here. Move your butt up and down. Do this for 20secs and break for 5secs.

How To Do The Glute Bridge And Booty Raise Exercise

This exercise comprises of left and right single leg glute bridge, frog kick, and the booty raise.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge (L)

Put one foot over the other leg and lift your butt up and down, this is for 30secs If you’re feeling it in your booty don’t worry is normal.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge(R)

Now move on to the other side and do the same process you did for the left side for 30secs and the rest for 8secs.

Booty Raise

Now lay down on your belly and move your legs into a V-shape and do as many raises as you can. Slow and controlled, stay focused on your glutes. Do it for 25secs.

Frog Kick

This exercise is for 30secs. Still lying on your belly, bend your legs and lift them up and down. Now rest for 8secs rest.

The Side Leg Circle Exercise

This exercise is done for your left and right leg by moving your legs in circles.

Side Leg Circle(L)

Lay on your side with one leg raised. Try not to take any breaks here if you can. You have to feel that burn and make sure your glutes are doing all the work here. Now move your leg in circles. Do this for 30secs.

Side Leg Circle(R)

Move to your right leg and do the same process you did for your left leg. This is also for 30 secs. You can support your waist with your hand. take 8 secs rest and let’s move on to the next exercise.

Lateral Lunge Exercise

With this exercise, you need to get up and do some lunges. This is done on the left and right sides.

Lateral Lunge(L)

Now, get up, and let’s do some lateral lunges. We are lunging to the side then come back up, but make sure your glutes are the ones that are pushing you back. You should feel the burn on the side of your booty. Do this for 25secs.

Lateral Lunge(R)

Now do the same process you did for the left to the right and remember to make sure your glutes are the ones that are pushing you back when you start lunging. This is also for 25secs.

How To Do The Glute Bridge And Booty Raise Exercise

15 Minutes Challenge Exercise You Can Do

I’m going to list some exercises you can do in just 15 minutes to improve your hip dip situation. These exercises are very easy to do and also very effective. It gives you that desired shape you want. We have:

  • Crab Wall with Jump for 60secs
  • Straight Leg Fire Hydrant for 30secs
  • Side-Lying Pulsing Abduction for 30secs
  • Squat to Twist Squat for 30secs
  • Stationary Pulsing Lateral Lunge for 30secs
  • Side Plank with Abduction for 30secs
  • Squat To Curtsy Lunge for 30secs
  • Glute Bridge with Abduction for 60secs
  • Lying Kickback for 60secs
  • Donkey Kickback for 40reps