How To Get Perfect Night Lights For Kids’ Bedrooms?

Ever heard of a monster under your bed or in the cupboard? That’s every kids’ scariest nightmare!! For a sound night sleep, the kids always need an assurance that there’s no monster hiding in any part of their room. This is where the night lights come in handy.

Be it toddlers or newborns, the night lights are a good option to make them feel safe and secure while going to sleep. Also, these night lights are helpful for parents as well when they come to check on their kids at night.

Here are some points you must keep in mind while choosing a perfect night light for your kids’ room:

  • Look for eye-soothing coloured lights so that they won’t give the kids an eyesore. The light shouldn’t be so bright that they can’t fall back to sleep if they wake up at night. Even for the parents, the dim lights won’t make you wide awake, it’s easier to get back to sleep after checking up on the kids at night.
  • The usual lights that are kept on at night outside the kids room or the standard night lights would cost you a fortune with the electricity bill. Neither of these lights have an option for changing the intensity. So, choose night lights which allow you to change the intensity of light and the modern chargeable night lights also won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Choose a night light that also serves the purpose of room decor in day time. This helps to improve the aesthetics of your kids’ room. Choose the shape of the lights according to your child’s liking and interest. The Kawaii Night Lights are available in various different shapes, sizes, and colours. This makes the room more appealing and pleasant to look at.
  • Using a night light in a kid’s room is also helpful in reducing sleeping anxiety. Kids too get anxiety issues at night due to darkness and the night lights help them to feel comfortable and less anxious in their sleep. In case of infants and toddlers, night lights provide them a reassurance that no “night monsters” would jump out of their cupboard or from underneath their beds at night.
  • It has been proven in various scientific studies that the night lights are very helpful in boosting the brain development of kids. It makes them more attentive to the surroundings and improves their visual thinking. So, if you want your kids to be more creative, just add some night lights to their bedroom!!
  • While choosing a night light, just have a look at the number of lumens. Higher the lumens, brighter the light. Choose tones of red and amber as these shades are helpful in relaxing muscle tissues and release of melatonin (the hormone released at night that’s responsible for a sound sleep).

These are some basic key features that will help you in choosing perfect night lights for your kids.