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How to Find the Safest Crypto Savings Accounts: Earning Money Without Worry

An estimated 23% of Americans own cryptocurrency as of June 14, 2021. Cryptocurrency owners are still a minority, but their numbers are on the rise.

This means that now is the time to build your crypto wealth.

You might be considering keeping your cryptocurrency in a savings account — just as you would with fiat currency. With a crypto savings account, you can earn crypto to keep over time.

So what are the best crypto savings accounts? How do you get started with saving with crypto?

Here’s what you need to know:


One of the best crypto savings options is with Yotta. This service offers crypto buckets, which earn you tickets for every $5 you invest.

This works in the same way that a high-yield savings account would work. This is a great way if you want to build your crypto without doing much work.

If you receive a regular income in fiat currency, this is a great way to save it using crypto. It works with several stablecoins.


Most crypto users will use Coinbase as a wallet or an exchange to buy, sell, and trade crypto.

However, there are ways to use Coinbase as a crypto savings option. You can earn up to 4% APY on the USDC cryptocurrency. You can also earn $5 referral bonuses which you can use to accumulate cryptocurrency.

This is a great way to keep your crypto savings in an easy-to-use online exchange.


This is another choice if you want to get a crypto alternative to a high-yield savings account. This service doesn’t have any minimum balances so it’s open to all.

It’s especially a great option if Bitcoin is your choice of cryptocurrency. If you have fewer than 5 Bitcoin you can expect a high interest rate. With over 5 Bitcoin, the interest rate lowers.

BlockFi occasionally offers incentives for depositing money into your account. You might receive a $250 bonus deposit if you make an initial deposit of $25.

This is a great option if you want to invest your crypto over a long period. For most investments, you’ll have to keep your crypto in your account for at least 3 months.

You earn high interest rates on 15 different popular cryptocurrencies. You can also earn these rates on 8 different stablecoins.

These high yields work in the same manner as a Certificate of Deposit. It’s a great way to accumulate crypto if you have a large portfolio.


This is one of the best options on this list to earn high interest rates. You can earn up to 10.5% on any cryptocurrency that you deposit.

You don’t have to make a minimum deposit. You also can withdraw your crypto each week. To get a high yield on the crypto, though, you’ll want to keep it in your account as long as possible.

HodlNaut often offers opportunities to receive bonuses when you make large deposits. This is a great option if you have an abundance of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.


This is the ideal crypto savings account if you need to regularly withdraw your funds.

You can receive high yields on cryptocurrencies as well as US dollars. You can receive up to 8% on Bitcoin and up to 12% on many stablecoins.

You might have to invest a lot, however, to make these high yields. As such, it’s best to choose Nexo after you’ve accumulated a lot in cryptocurrency.


This is another easy-to-use crypto savings option if you want to earn high-interest rates without shelling out a lot.

You can earn up to 6% on Bitcoin and up to 11% on stablecoins. This is also one of the simpler crypto savings options to use.

If you’ve never used a crypto savings service before, you can consider using Ledn. However, it’s not ideal to use as your only crypto savings option.

Celsius Network

This has one of the most diverse ranges for interest rates on your cryptocurrency. You can earn interest as low as 2% and as high as 17%.

You can also earn interest on up to 14 different cryptocurrencies. For low quantities of Bitcoin, you can expect high-interest rates, but they decrease as you accumulate more Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, this is a versatile option if you want to grow your crypto savings among different tokens.

As of now, this service doesn’t work for investors within the US. You’ll have to be based outside of the US and you must be an accredited investor to use Celsius Network. If you do meet these criteria, you should consider this service.

There are fees to using Celsius when you purchase tokens through the service. But you currently don’t have to pay fees when withdrawing your cryptocurrency.

It also works well for taking loans. Best of all, it has a great reputation for a high level of security.


This is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that also offers a crypto savings option.

They offer daily compounding interest ranging from 1% to 7%. Through their platform, you can calculate your interest rates based on how much crypto you invest.

There are also small fees that come with using the service. The rates depend on the coin and range from .04% to 4.3%. There are currently no charges for making deposits.

You can withdraw up to 10 cryptocurrencies per month without incurring any fees. The investments on Gemini are currently not insured. However, borrowers do undergo a vetting process for risk assessment.

You can also expect a high level of security. Gemini allows you to store your cryptocurrency offline on servers across the globe. You can make use of two-factor authentication to enhance your security.

If you already use Gemini to store your cryptocurrency, you might want to consider their crypto savings option.

Choose Your Crypto Savings Account

Now you can choose the best crypto savings account to build a steady income using digital currency.

Make sure you understand the risks and volatility of crypto before using any of these services. If you go for it, you can use your fiat currency to fund your crypto wallet. You can use these options to accumulate your crypto and create your safety net.

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