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How to Find a Qualified Reckless Driving Attorney (and Why You Need One)

Of the 55000 fatal crashes that the NHTSA reports annually, reckless driving accounts for 33% of these accidents. Every state handles the crime differently with others going as far as punishing the reckless driver with jail terms and severe fines.

Do I need a reckless driving attorney? If these question has been bugging you it’s a sign that you badly need one. Passing a school bus or an emergency vehicle, exceeding the speed limit, overtaking on corners, and crest of a hill are all considered acts of reckless driving.

Reckless driving might seem like no big deal but it can quickly turn serious. Here is how to find a reckless driving attorney and why you should start looking.

1.A Reckless Driving Attorney Who Would Show Up in Court for You

When looking for an attorney, consider one that shows the most commitment to your case. In that way, you can sign a waiver form that authorizes your reckless driving attorney the mandate to act on your behalf in court.

If the main grounds for your charges is overspeeding but your speed exceeded the speed limit with less than 35miles per hour, the law is a bit lenient on you. This works in favor of drivers who reside out of state but committed the crime within Virginia.

2. Evade Heavy Fines

Reckless driving charges cost you more than you may anticipate. Fines and court costs are nothing compared to increased insurance premiums that come after your first reckless driving conviction. Drivers with a history of several careless driving charges might need to get high-risk driver insurance.

It’s even worse for professional drivers since it would jeopardize their employment opportunities. It’s cheaper and less stressful to hire a reckless driving lawyer from the get-go.

Consider getting one that has deep knowledge of driving state laws. Hiring a reckless driving attorney will save you more in the long run.

Although you might consider reckless driving a minor offense, it’s hectic handling it on your own. A reckless driving attorney will know exactly what to do depending on your case.

Look for an attorney that has handled such cases before as they are sure to have a relationship with law officers, other attorneys, and the prosecution team. This will make things easier and you will avoid things like suspension of licenses.

4. Treatment of Lone Defendants by Court Systems

The lack of a reckless driving attorney gives off the impression that either you cannot afford one or you think you do not need one. Both of which send the wrong message in court.

Court systems treat lawyered defendants better than lone offenders. Fairfax County does not even allow lone defendants to plea bargains. More so, the court gives defendants with reckless driving attorneys scheduling preference.

Get a Skilled Reckless Driving Lawyer

Now that you know how and why you need a reckless driving attorney, it will be easy for you to find one. Suspension of licensees and having a criminal record due to reckless driving can create a poor impression on potential employers. Avoid all that hassle by simply hiring an attorney today.

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