How to find a good car on a budget

How To Find A Good Car On A Budget

Everyone had that vision as a child of having their ideal car that they could show off to their friends. There were always those moments as kids when watching the TV and seeing the latest Bond car or even watching shows such as Top Gear that had cult followings that quite often couldn’t be beaten. They led the latest generation of car enthusiasts, and children still play with toy cars on a regular basis, even now.

The figures

Whilst in many ways it would be nice to have a supercar, the truth is that not everyone can afford them, and quite often the only way to drive one is in video games or if you are a valet driver. That isn’t to say that you can’t have a nice car, but like many aspects of life, it quite often comes down to your budget.

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With more than 80 percent of the US population having a driving license, it is an absolutely colossal market and one that people take advantage of on a daily basis. Even with businesses like Uber, there are still upwards of 5 million vehicles on the road worldwide. With this number of road users, it is clear why so many more young people want to get behind the wheel. What many people are doing to help them get on the roads for a cheaper price is to buy a second hand vehicle that might not be in the best shape atheistically. After purchasing a beat up car, many go to body shops such as San Diego Auto Body & Paint to give their newly bought second hand car a revamp so that it’s in better shape.

How can I afford it?

There are a number of ways to ensure that you can still get a reasonably priced car, and more often than not it will come down to your budget. Although having the latest supercar might seem nice, it is not always possible; but with the right planning you can get some truly high-quality vehicles. It is quite often a matter of shopping around to look for the best price. The average cost for a down payment on a car has risen to almost $40,000 so it is important to make sure that your money isn’t wasted.

Look into your monthly budget to work out what is a realistic figure of monthly credit, ensuring that it won’t push you into any financial trouble as a result. More importantly though, assess what you need the car for. If you are a single person living alone then you are less likely to be going for a family hatchback and might lean more towards a Ford Fiesta or a Citroen C1. Just make sure you go for a more reliable option, especially if you are new to the road, as this can make a world of difference to the cost.


Whilst getting a new car is hardly the most difficult task in the world, getting a good deal is. Prior knowledge of the market can be a godsend, whilst taking the time to examine it properly is vital if you don’t want to get caught out. With the right financial management you will eventually find the right car, and then you’ll be out on the open road with the freedom to go pretty much anywhere you want. Life couldn’t be better.