How to develop employable skills online for free in 2022

How to develop employable skills online for free in 2022

One of the best perks to the internet is the open exchange of information. If people are looking to learn something new, they can simply ask a search engine. Within seconds, they could be reading a book or article, watching a documentary or listening to a podcast.

For those looking to develop employable skills, the online world has a wealth of options available. Better still, you can learn many skills for free.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at different ways people can learn online and apply that knowledge to your work-life, either to launch a new career or progress up the ladder in your existing one.

Learning from online casinos

It may not be immediately clear what employable skills you can learn from online casinos, but when you step back and think about it, things make sense.

The games available in casinos, such as roulette and poker, can teach us critical thinking skills that we can use in our jobs.

For example, while poker carries with it a degree of chance, there are ways for players to examine the visible cards as well as their own hand to work out their odds of success.

Players therefore learn to assess their risks. This is something that we do in our jobs — to understand the risks of failure or success in pursuing different approaches or strategies.

Many online casinos offer introductory bonuses and deals such as free spins. So, if you wanted to give it a test to see what you can learn, check out this list of best real money casinos in Canada.

Take advantage of free courses and books

Many online businesses, teachers and influencers offer free resources to their followers nowadays.

This has come about off the back of a crowded marketplace with lots of people vying for attention. One marketing method, which only benefits us, is the offering of free content to stand out more.

Some industry leaders offer free books, some of which provide comprehensive insights on a subject.

The same is true of courses. Some teachers offer their courses over email and others may set up online or virtual classrooms.

Google, for example, offers a number of digital marketing courses, such as one on the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO).

Some books and resources may even lead you to communities and forums where you can get more support and help through like-minded people who may be working through the learning process too.

With so much choice, however, it’s always worth doing a bit of research to determine the quality and the accuracy of the information offered before you dive in.

Social and writing skills

One of the main benefits gained for free from being online is the development of writing and social skills.

Many of us have social media profiles that we use to stay connected with our friends and family and also to discover new people to follow and engage with.

In the process of doing this, we’re speaking with people from all over the world and thereby improving our communication abilities. We may even learn new languages if chatting with people in other parts of the world.

We also learn how to engage with a broader range of people, enabling us to become more emotionally aware and intelligent.

Having a personal blog or website can also sharpen our writing skills, be it for non-fiction or fiction. This may lead us into new careers such as copywriting, editing or even the path of a fully-fledged author.