How to descale a shower head?

When your shower head starts looking nasty, this is the right time to clean it. We take this regard very casually and think that it is not that big of a problem, but in reality, not cleaning your shower head may cause some skin diseases or infections. When water passes through the shower head, the dissolved minerals of the waters are deposited on the edges of the holes of the shower head. Because of this, the shower head gets blocked.

If you use water that is rich in minerals, then it will be a common problem for you. Anyway, it is our responsibility to descale our shower head once in a while to avoid any kind of serious blockage. So, we will discuss this topic in this article. So you know where to start on your cleaning journey.

Step 1:

Take a plastic bag and fill it with one cup of water and one cup of white vinegar. You can change the quantities depending on the size of the plastic bag. Make sure not to overfill the bag. Otherwise, it will cause difficulty throughout the process.

Step 2:

If your shower head is detachable, then unscrew it from behind and detach it from the pipe. Now, pour the mixture of white vinegar and water into a bowl and also place the shower head in it for a couple of hours.

In case that your shower head is not detachable, you would have to adopt a different strategy. Hold the plastic bag filled with the mixture of white vinegar and water and tie it with the pipe of the shower head in such a way that the shower head is dipped in the mixture. Leave the plastic bag there for some hours.

You should make sure that the shower head is completely immersed in the mixture and if the level of liquid appears less in the plastic, pour some more liquid into the plastic bag.

Step 3:

Take out the shower head from the liquid and throw away the liquid. Now, completely wash the shower head with water to make sure deposited minerals are gone. After that, attach the shower head with the pipe and check if it is working well or not. If it is not working perfectly and the holes are still blocked, repeat the whole process again or put the shower head in vinegar water for more time. In case of severe blockages, you may have to leave the shower head in the water for a night. Hopefully, this will open the holes of the shower head.


By following this step from strategy, you know how to descale a shower head. The process will take some time, and it also requires some effort, but it will be completely worth it as you will not face any problem with your shower for the next 3-4 months.