How to Create a Great Family Home

How to Create a Great Family Home

When you are thinking of decorating your home, you need to consider who lives in it and how you can create a practical and yet inspiring space that everyone will adore. If you have a large family, it can be particularly hard to accommodate everyone. Here are a selection of tips to help your home to accommodate partners, kids, grandkids, and pets.

Design a Functional Kitchen

When you have a large family, it is paramount that you can design a functional kitchen for your home that can accommodate the need to cook for more than a few people at a time and that can allow all of your family to have space to eat without bumping elbows. When you are designing your kitchen, you should consider fashionable elements such as kitchen islands and breakfast bars that ensure your family can eat and socialize with the hub of the house. The kitchen designs that Aristocraft provides can help you to get started in your quest to create a functional and yet gorgeous family kitchen.

Scrap Carpets and Wallpaper

If kids and pets will be scampering around your home every day, or even just at the weekends, you should consider the effect that they could have on your carpets and wallpaper. Carpets and wallpaper are not as durable as their alternatives, and you might soon find that your wallpaper gets ripped away through constant bashing by pet or child, or that your carpets get stained and stomped on until they are beyond saving. You should swap these for wooden flooring or tiles and painted walls, which can look just as smart and luxurious.

Opt for a Spacious Floor Plan

The most important element of a great family home, though, is a spacious floor plan, as this can give the kids and pets that you invite into your home space to run around and play without getting injured or damaging any of your furniture or ornaments. So when you are designing your house’s layout, you should ensure that there are clear pathways between the different areas of your home and that your furniture does not block any of the passages between rooms. You should also try to reduce the number of sharp corners that the kids could potentially run into.

Invest in Ample Seating

Everyone needs somewhere to sit or your house really will be mayhem. You should ensure that there is ample seating scattered around the room for the different members of your family. For instance, you might consider investing in a large L-shaped sofa that can act as the centerpiece of your room, or bean bags that you can spread around your room if you want to achieve a more casual style. You should also consider investing in a large dining table and chairs so that all of your family can fit when they are eating their meals.

Consider Storage

If you are going to have a large family in your home without the inevitable clutter, though, you need to consider your storage arrangements. For instance, you should invest in plenty of cabinets and cupboards, as well as hidden storage options such as under-the-bed storage.