How to Convince a Loved One to Seek Treatment For a Drug Addiction

Did you know that only one in ten Americans who have addiction problems actively seek treatment for their disease? Many addicts are afraid to seek help for alcohol and drug addiction, which may cause more problems down the road.

If you have a loved one who has a problem with addiction, you may be wondering how you can help them overcome their problem and go to rehab. Here are some tips for helping them to seek treatment and start a new lifestyle.

Do Not Enable Them

When discussing addiction with an addict, it is important to support them, but not to enable them. Supporting them can include offering to help them seek treatment or other solutions, but not encouraging the addiction.

Enabling is a common term used among those close to addicts because it involves trying to cover up the addict’s choices. This type of behavior actually does more harm than good and encourages the person to stay in active addiction.

Look at Programs Together

After your loved one admits to an alcohol or drug problem, the first step is to look at treatment programs. You may need to get their insurance information and see what programs are covered. This way, they will have fewer out-of-pocket costs.

If the program allows for visitors, you should also consider proximity. Someone with an opioid addiction or alcohol problem may feel better when their friends and family can visit them during treatment.

Decide on Inpatient or Outpatient

You should evaluate both inpatient and outpatient programs depending on what your loved one feels is necessary for their alcohol or drug problem. Some programs even have hybrid options meant for flexible scheduling.

If you are afraid of an overdose, then an inpatient program may be the better way to go. Oftentimes, what happens in an overdose is that the addict does not get help in time.

For people who do not have as serious of a problem, an outpatient program can be beneficial. These programs most often operate during evening hours so that attendees can still go to work and take care of their families.

Show Them Love and Compassion

You should always lead with love and compassion whenever you talk to someone who wants to seek help. If they overdose or get alcohol poisoning, they may be at their lowest point where they need their friends and family.

When you recommend things that they could do to help their alcohol or drug addiction, try to be considerate of their feelings. If you make them feel offended or upset, they may not want to go to rehab and go deeper into their addiction.

Help Your Loved One Seek Treatment Today

You should not give up hope when you seek treatment for your loved one. With these tips, you can find the care they need in a compassionate way that will not damage your relationship with them.

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