You might know that you have spread a mixture of cleaning agents and water on the carpet for cleaning. After applying this, you have to use carpet extractors as this reduces the effect of dirt and separates the surface of the rug from dirt. But when you are using these cleaning agents, then make sure to avoid the chemical-based agents. Instead, you should only use green and environment-friendly rug cleaners to clean your house.

How to Clean Carpets

According to some research, a carpet can be about 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Because of that, it’s important to learn how to clean carpets.

There are so many different ways to clean carpets, but what are some of the best ways?

Keep reading to find the perfect carpet cleaning guide.

Don’t Rub Stains

First, make sure that you don’t rub stains if one occurs. When you do this, you’ll just move the stain down into the carpet even more.

Instead, just gently dab it with a cleaning solution, paper towel, or sponge.

When you blot it, you’ll only put a little bit of pressure on the stain, and you can soak it up. When you rub it, you’ll make the particles get into the fibers of the carpet, which can also make them break down faster.

When you’re blotting, make sure that you blot from the outer edge inwards. If you do it outwards, you could spread the stain even more.

Use Baking Soda and Salt

Mix baking soda with salt. You should have a one-to-one mixture. The salt can either be Kosher or table spot. Then, fill a spray bottle with cold water.

Sprinkle the solution on the carpet, and then start spraying the area with the bottle. The carpet should be a little bit wet, but not soaking. Then, you can use a brush to get the baking soda even deeper into the fibers.

You should clean in one direction, and then at a 90-degree angle to try and get the dirt out of the carpet.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be great at cleaning carpets, especially if you need to get out a difficult stain, like blood. First, make sure that you try and loosen up the dried stain with some water.

You can even use a butter knife to try and scrape some of the stain off.

Next, use hydrogen peroxide. You’ll notice that it will start fizzing and foaming, especially if you’re using it on blood. Just wait a few minutes, and then blot it up with a paper towel. The stain should now be removed.

Try Steam Cleaning

To do this, you’ll need to rent or buy a carpet cleaner. You can find portable ones at most home goods stores.

Make sure that you use hot water and a little bit of cleaner, and then move the steam cleaner back and forth across the carpet.

If you go forward, the machine will push water out. If you go backward, it’ll pull the water back up, so make sure that you give the machine time to work.

If you don’t want to do this service yourself, you can also hire a professional.

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These are only a few things to consider when you’re figuring out how to clean carpets, but there are many other strategies you can use.

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