How To Clean An Oven

Cleaning your oven should be done regularly. Not cleaning them regularly could cause food crusts to blackened. Causing smoke when you start cooking and we do not want a smoky kitchen, do we? We definitely do not. Here is how to get it done.

How To Clean Your Oven

We all know how frequently we use our ovens for cooking therefore to prevent a fire outbreak in our kitchen, we need to clean them.

When you start seeing spills and crusty built-up at the bottom of the oven, it will eventually cook and cook and cook until it becomes carbonized or blackened. What happens is you will start to get smoke when you’re cooking and this will affect the flavors of your food. Later your kitchen is on fire and this is why we have to clean our oven.

When you’re inside the oven aside from removing the racks, you should be careful that you do not get products into the fans, that’s if you have a convection oven or into any of the burners or coils or heating elements. You do not want to cause any damage so when cleaning the inside cavity just work your way around that.

Now let’s look at those two glass planes in the oven door, they are not easy to clean. The thing is you can’t clean them. Well, you can but you will just avoid your warranty if you do it because you have to take the door apart and oven manufacturers don’t like it. You can put a paper towel over a fly swatter and stick it up fine.

When cleaning your oven, you will need these cleaning items:

  • Paper towel
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • 1 cup of Baking Soda
  • Scraper (either a windshield scraper, old credit card)
  • Heavy-duty scrub pad (you can use Scotch Brite or any)
  • Steel wool
  • Gloves

First, put on your gloves then start removing the oven racks from the oven. You can clean the racks in the kitchen sink. Now line up the newspaper on the floor. This saves you from doing additional cleaning after you are done cleaning your oven.

Inside the cavity of the oven, you will see there’s quite a bit of build-up crusty in there and some of it is soft and some are hardened. Use the scraper to remove them gently and after wiping them with a paper towel. Now you have to make a solution comprising of baking soda, dish soap, and water and just stir it up. The solution should be in a thick paste so you can fiddle around with the consistency if you want it a little bit thinner, go for it. Apply it by hand onto the inside cavity of the oven, on the sides, and the door. Wait 30mins and then fill a bowl with water and pick up your heavy scrub pad and get in there and start cleaning. Use both the heavy-duty scrub pad and the scraper to clean.

Make sure you clean the sides, the back, and the bottom as well. Then move onto to window as well and clean. Now pour the dirty water out of the bowl and fetch clean water and get your microfiber cloths. Dip the microfiber cloth into the water then squeeze out the water. Now get inside the oven and start rinsing off the solution you applied. This rinsing is because baking soda leaves a residue behind so it must be wiped off well.

Now you can finish it up with a vinegar rinse. Pour a small portion of the vinegar into a bowl then take another microfiber cloth and dip a little part of it into the vinegar and start wiping the inside cavity. The vinegar helps to cut any residual grease and polish things up. Now splash water onto the interior oven window and sprinkle any cleaning product like bar keepers friend on it. You can only use this on the glass area. Now take your heavy-duty scrub pad to get all of that built-up crust off. After scrubbing all the built-up crust off, dip your microfiber cloth in water and start wiping off the surface of the oven. You may want to do it once or twice then voila you got a clean window surface.

What is the best way to clean the inside of an oven?

Let now move on to cleaning our oven racks in the sink. Spray distilled white vinegar onto them then sprinkle them with dried baking soda. You will notice the mixture will start to foam which is a good sign. You will know the reaction between the baking soda and vinegar is working which is a powerful cleaner. You will smell the sizzling aroma from the baking soda and vinegar interacting. Once the foaming stops fill the sink with hot water until the racks are completely covered. You will see a murky brown color coming off the racks. Drain the water out of the sink and take one of the microfiber cloths and start wiping your racks. Now dry your racks and put them back in your oven. Amazing, is it? A pretty good-looking oven.

How To Clean Your Oven Window With A Non-toxic detergent

Before you start you need a non-toxic dishwasher detergent, water, microfiber cloth, bowl, and spoon.

Now make a solution by putting your dishwasher into a bowl and pouring a little water in it. Mix it into a paste form. Put this solution onto the oven window and now rinse with a moist microfiber cloth. You are done.

How to Clean Your Oven Easy and Fast

You need just baking soda, vinegar, heavy-duty sponges, microfiber cloth, spoon, bowl, scraper, and water.

Pour about one cup of baking soda into a bowl, add the vinegar. This is going to create a foam so add the vinegar little by little and stir until you get it in a paste. Start rubbing the paste onto the oven door firstly with the sponge. Now rub the paste inside the oven, on every corner with the sponge. Let it soak for about a half-hour and come back.

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Whiles waiting you could grab a cold drink and chill or anything else you wanna do. Ding-Ding time up to do some scrubbing. Now take some vinegar pour into a bowl, take a new sponge and dip into the vinegar, and scrub. Wipe with your moist cloth and continue scrubbing. Now take your scraper, dip it in the vinegar and gently remove the crust and wipe with your cloth. This could take 10-15 minutes then you are done.