Toddler Boots

How To Choose the Perfect Toddler Girl Winter Boots

As summer has come to an end, it’s time to fill up your toddler girl wardrobe with winter clothing and, of course, a new pair of winter boots. However, it can be pretty tricky to pick the proper boots for your little girl. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are our tips to help you choose the perfect toddler girl winter boots for your child this cold season.

Why Should You Invest In Good-quality Boots For Your Toddler Girls?

The best toddler girl winter boots ensure their feet stay warm and comfortable. They also include all the features such as water resistance, waterproofing, anti-slip, insulation features, and proper closures. Therefore, investing in good-quality winter boots will bring several benefits for your toddler girl:

  • Excellent comfort: Comfort is the most crucial factor when it comes to children footwear, and a good pair of winter boots will ensure that your child’s feet are warm and cozy throughout their day
  • Total protection: Feet are among the most vulnerable parts of the body, but good winter boots will protect your little one’s feet and toes from all the hazardous conditions that lie in her way.
  • High longevity: As they are usually made from durable materials, a good-quality pair of boots will last through 1 – 2 winters for your toddler girl without spending extra for repairs or replacements.
  • Extra Support: A good pair of winter boots will come with a proper grip that helps your toddler girl stay stable on the slippery streets, preventing them from tripping down and getting hurt.
Toddler girl playing in snow in her winter coat and boots

Snow Boots vs. Winter Boots 

Snow boots, like their name suggests, are destined to help your little one walk through thick layers of snow. Therefore, they have a bulkier design, thick insulation, and rubber bottom to keep the wearer safe and warm during snow walks. A pair of snow boots also have an attached tongue all the way to the top to provide extra warmth.

On the other hand, winter boots are more stylish, with dozens of designs and prints. A good pair of winter boots will feature waterproof material and insulation for warmth, but these features are simply not as good as those on snow boots. Regarding the height, they can range from ankle-high to knee-high, which will suit different kinds of outfits for your little girl.

So if your place is hit by a heavy snowfall, pick a pair of snow boots for your toddler girl. If not, any casual winter boots will keep your child fancy and warm this season.

Toddler girl ankle boots


Things To Consider When Picking Winter Boots For Your Toddler Girl


You should ensure that your girl’s boots are not too big or too tight. Otherwise, they can slip on and off your child’s feet easily, while a pair of too-tight boots will be very uncomfortable to wear. 


Waterproofing is critical to protect your girl’s feet from getting wet and cold. Look for boots that include tight seams and an inner lining that won’t let any moisture in the laces or other closures to guarantee their boots are completely waterproof.

Do not confuse water-resistant and water-proofing. Water-resistant boots don’t stand a chance against heavy snows or rains. They can endure the wetness to a certain level, but eventually, the moisture will seep inside, making your girl’s feet wet and causing discomfort to her.


Preventing snow or rain from getting inside your daughter’s boots is very important, but it’s also essential to allow her sweat to go out. If not, her feet won’t stay dry, making it easier for her to get cold, and the boots will be smelly just after a few wears. 

Boots made from fleece will be a good choice as they can shield the moisture from the outside while keeping your girl’s feet breathable inside.


Toes are among the areas of the human body that are the most vulnerable to cold. Young children are no exceptions in this case, and it’s even easier for them to get frostbite when their toes get cold. Thus, it’s crucial to ensure that your toddler girl’s winter boots are well insulated to keep her feet toasty and dry. A good pair of winter boots is normally insulated by a sheepskin, shearling, or foam layer.

A little girl playing in the snow with her winter boots

Non-Slip Sole

You need to ensure that your toddler girl’s winter boots have a non-slip sole to protect her from tripping down and hurting herself. Rubber soles are the ultimate option for anti-friction and anti-slip properties in winter boots or snow boots. They will provide excellent traction while helping your little one keep her balance on the icy streets. Of course, these soles will be slightly heavier, but they will be much safer for your toddler girl.

Proper Height

For casual winter boots, ankle-high is unquestionably stylish and charming. But for snow boots, this height is utterly ineffective in preventing snow and moisture from getting inside, causing discomfort to your little one. You should always look for children’s boots that reach around halfway up the calf. They will allow your girl to walk over thick snow without letting the moisture enter through the top.


A good pair of winter boots should be made of leather or high-quality nylon designed for heavy-duty use. These materials do a fantastic job in resisting wind, abrasion, and puncture. And don’t forget to pick boots with moisture-wicking inner and rubber soles that support waterproofing and non-slipping features.


For toddlers in general, you should go for a pair of winter boots that have button and velcro closures. As your child is probably learning to dress themselves, including putting on shoes, these kinds of closures encourage your child to put on and fasten their own boots.

Pull-on boots that don’t require fastenings are not a bad choice as well. Go for pull-on boots that feature elastic panels on the sides so they can stretch and fit your girl’s feet perfectly.