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How to Choose the Best Smartphone for Your Elderly Parent

Only 61% of Americans over 65 years old have a smartphone, which means they don’t have access to the internet or health-related apps.

Choosing a smartphone for seniors is key as it lets them stay connected and call for help if an accident occurs. But not all models are compatible with elderly users, so it’s important to modify your search. Perhaps you’re currently searching for a smartphone for a senior relative and you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here’s how to choose the best smartphone for your elderly parent.

Find a Model With a Large Screen

Luckily for us, the telecommunications industry consistently releases phones with larger screens. This is useful if your loved one has impaired eyesight or easily gets headaches from straining their eyes. You should also consider the smartphone’s accessibility options as you can increase the text size on messages and menus.

Further, decide whether your elderly parent would prefer an on-screen keyboard or a physical one that slides out. If your loved one wants the former, make sure you can zoom in or enlarge it.

Prioritize Ease of Use

You should also check out different types of smartphones that are easy to use. If your parent isn’t tech-savvy, find a customizable smart device that has a simple menu. Also, ask whether there are specific features that are important to them, whether it’s setting a reminder to take medication or a front camera so they can video call their friends and family.

Find a Model With Good Battery Life

On your hunt for a new smartphone, prioritize good battery life. Make sure the device lasts long on minimal charge, especially if your parent is forgetful. For peace of mind, gift your loved one a power bank as a backup.

Further, check which network is strongest in your parent’s area, otherwise buying a smartphone is pointless.

Consider Need for Internet Access

An important part of elderly care is helping your loved one stay connected. This will prevent your parent from feeling lonely and so they can call if an accident happens. It’s wise to set you and a healthcare provider on their speed dial so they stay safe.

Prioritize Large Buttons

When buying aging parents a smartphone, choose a model with large buttons if they’re not a fan of touch screens. Let your loved one test each phone in person so they can decide which model is the most comfortable. Or, if there are only touch screens, treat your parent to a stylus so it’s easier to use.

Find the Best Smartphone for Your Elderly Parent Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll find the best smartphone for your loved one.

There are many factors to consider during your searches, such as choosing a device with a large screen and good battery life. You should also find a smartphone that is easy to use and supports a strong signal. Good luck!

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