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How to choose RO water purifier for home?

Reverse Osmosis based water purifiers are all the rage in the market. Consumers like you have become even more conscious about safe drinking water during the Covid-19 pandemic for all the right reasons. Not only will a good purifier protect you from the dreaded contagion but also help you avoid a trip to the hospital to get any water-borne diseases treated. That way, you ensure staying home and staying safe.

The market is teeming with a wide variety of RO purifiers and it might seem a little daunting to choose the right one because after all, it is your health and your family’s health at stake. But we’ll give you a few pointers which will help you navigate this space with greater confidence and assurance.

Does the water purifier have a good quality RO membrane?

RO water purifiers are based on reverse osmosis where the solvent water moves from a solution with a higher solute (contaminant) concentration to a lower concentration as pressure is applied on the semi-permeable membrane that lies between the solutions. Hence the quality of the RO membrane is super important for the effective functioning of the RO purifier just as waterdrop water filtration system for outdoor needs. So, look for an RO water purifier from a reputed brand that promises that the membrane quality is good. After all, the last thing you want is the build-up of contaminants on the membrane that in turn enter the output stream. Look for a brand that combines RO technologies with pre-filters that de-sediment the water feed to help the RO membrane function more effectively and even last a long time. Finally, choose a brand that uses cross-filtration where the contaminants are ejected out of the unit through a reject stream. That also prevents the build-up of contaminants on the various parts of the RO water purifier.

Does the water purifier limit water wastage during the purification?

RO water purifiers are very popular as they produce near-distilled water quality, but as they use a lot of water during each stage of the process, there is considerable water wastage. So. opt for brands that have trademarked water-saving technologies and reduce water wastage by following more green and efficient methodologies. Alternatively, you can repurpose the water released through the reject stream for washing your car or gardening.

Does the RO water purifier have a sturdy body made of food-grade plastic?

The best RO water purifier is one that is made of food-grade plastic that is toxin-free. You definitely don’t want a body made of toxic chemicals that can in turn seep into your glass of water. Also, make sure that the body of the unit is not made of flimsy plastic – it might not last you long and if you move frequently from place to place, it might not withstand the wear and tear.

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Does the RO water purifier have alerts?

Choose an RO water purifier that has safety features built in like auto-shutoff etc. as nothing is more important than your health. Brands like Pureit have their RO purifiers activated with alerts that warn you fifteen days before the unit conks out for some reason. They also have an alert system where if the UV lamp is not functioning for some reason, you will be alerted. Pureit water purifiers come with a Double purity lock that warns you 15 days before the filter expiry and the auto-shutoff feature cuts off the water supply if the filter is not changed despite a warning. This guarantees 100% pure water in every glass of water.

Does the RO water purifier come in varying sizes of storage tanks?

For 2-4 members we recommend a storage capacity of 5-8 liters. For 4-6 members we recommend a storage capacity of 8-10 litres. For more than 6 members, a storage capacity of 10 liters is recommended. Make sure you choose a brand that offers you a choice of storage capacities so that you can choose your pick that best suits your household needs.

Does the RO water purifier have a service store in your locality?

Even if you opt for a premium brand, you want to choose one which offers you service in your locality. An RO water purifier typically lasts for years and you need a brand that offers you service options like maintenance contracts and has trained service personnel just a call away. Remember that you are dealing with a basic need whose disruption in any way can cause you lots of inconvenience and regret. Pureit’s maintenance cost directly depends on the consumption/usage of water and not on a fixed yearly cost. Hence, with Pureit water purifiers, you can save more on annual costs. Check right away from RO service near me.

Does the RO water purifier have a TDS modulator or a mineralizer cartridge?

The RO water purifier eliminates up to 95% of total dissolved solids. However, the purifier cannot tell the difference between contaminants and useful minerals and hence eliminates the minerals along with the contaminants. To boost the nutritive value of your water, make sure you opt for a RO water purifier that has a modulator that you can use to adjust the TDS of the water. Alternatively, look for a water purifier that has a mineralizer cartridge fitted to infuse fresh ions into the output stream.