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How to Choose a Serious Car Crash Lawyer in 5 Steps

Were you recently in a bad car accident? You’re not alone. In fact, about 6 million crashes occur in the US each year.

About 3 million people in the US are injured every year due to a crash. Another 2 million suffer permanent injuries. Meanwhile, about 90 people die in car accidents every day.

After a serious crash, you’ll likely need time off work to heal. Meanwhile, your medical bills and lost wages could start stacking up. You shouldn’t have to pay for these losses out of pocket, though.

Instead, use these five tips to find a serious car crash lawyer in your area. Finding an experienced lawyer will help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

With their help, you can file a personal injury lawsuit and receive the money you need to cover your losses.

Not sure who to hire? Start your search for an experienced car crash attorney using these tips today.

1. Consider Their Reputation

There are now over 51,000 personal injury law firms and 146,000 personal injury lawyers in the US. It can take a while to narrow down your options without a plan. If you want to streamline your search, turn to your inner circle.

Ask your friends, family members, and coworkers if they’ve hired a car crash attorney in the past few years. If they have, ask about their experience with the lawyer. Were they satisfied with the outcome of their case?

You can also ask:

  • Was the lawyer knowledgeable and experience
  • Did they accomplish your case goals
  • Would you hire them again in the future
  • Were they a strong communicator
  • Did you experience any problems while working with them

Speaking with the people you trust could help you find a car accident lawyer you can trust.

If your inner circle can’t help, start your search online instead. Google “serious car crash lawyer near me” and start building a list. You can also use your local bar association website or the Martindale-Hubbell law firm directory.

While you’re online, learn more about each car crash lawyer on your list. Check the law firm’s Better Business Bureau and Google My Business listings.

Look for a lawyer who has a strong professional reputation. Their reputation could indicate their ability to accomplish your goals. You’ll have an easier time trusting a reputable car crash lawyer, too.

If they have any serious complaints filed against them, scratch that lawyer off your list.

2. Look for Years of Experience

Once you have a list of a few reputable car accident attorneys to choose from, learn more about their professional history.

First, determine how long each lawyer has practiced. Consider how long they’ve practiced in the state, too. Some laws and procedures can vary based on your location.

They might have professional contacts in the area they can utilize, too.

For example, your lawyer might call a medical expert to discuss your injuries. They might use an investigator to determine what caused the crash. Their contacts could help prove fault and liability.

You’ll have an easier time fighting for the compensation you deserve as a result.

It’s not enough to find a personal injury lawyer with years of experience, though. Make sure the lawyer you choose has years of experience as a car crash lawyer. Determine how many cases like yours they’ve handled over the years.

A lawyer with years of hands-on experience will understand the laws and procedures relevant to your case.

Think about the situations that are specific to your situation, too. Was a drunk driver involved? Did the crash involve an Uber, motorcycle, or truck?

Choose a lawyer with case experience specific to your needs. They can leverage their experience and expertise when building your case.

3. Check Their Track Record

It’s not enough to have an experienced Car Accident Lawyer at your side. You’ll also want to make sure they’re a winner.

First, ask each lawyer how many cases they’ve handled over the years. Determine how many cases they won versus lost for their clients. Ask about the payout for each case, too.

Compare their overall track record to their track record involving cases like yours. Make sure they’re capable of handling your case.

If their track record indicates they might struggle to accomplish your case goals, choose someone else.

4. Consider Availability

During your consultation appointment, talk to each serious car crash lawyer about their current workload. Will they have time to dedicate to your case?

If they’re too busy, they might drop the ball. They might miss important deadlines when filing paperwork. They might even hand your case off to a junior lawyer at the same firm.

Take the time to determine exactly who will end up working on your case.

If a lawyer who lacks years of experience will get involved, make sure someone else will supervise them along the way.

Choose a lawyer who is capable of dedicating their time and attention to your case. Otherwise, they might struggle to accomplish your goals or win your lawsuit.

5. Determine the Cost

Before choosing a serious car accident lawyer, ask each attorney on your list about their fee structure.

Some lawyers have a fixed or hourly rate. Other lawyers work on a contingency fee basis.

These lawyers will only require you to pay them a portion of what they win from your lawsuit. A lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis might feel more motivated. They’ll work hard to maximize your claim.

Otherwise, they won’t get paid.

Take the time to review each lawyer’s contract, too. Are there any hidden fees you’ll need to worry about? Review the contract in full before signing on the dotted line.

Fight for Compensation: 5 Tips for Finding a Serious Car Crash Lawyer

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first serious car crash lawyer you find online. Instead, use these five tips to narrow down your options. With these tips, you’ll have an easier time finding a lawyer you can trust.

They can accomplish your goals and maximize your claim. With their help, you can receive the compensation you deserve.

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