How to Build a Memorable Brand Identity for Your Organization

Brand identity. The personality of your business. The thing that conveys your company’s values to your customers.

From logo to content to customer relations, you have a lot to think about when building a memorable brand identity. How do you craft a brand identity, especially now when so much of your work will need to be in online branding?

This post can help you out! Keep reading to learn how to curate a brand identity that will resonate with your customers.

Understand Your Audience

The first step to building your brand identity is knowing your audience. What interests them? Why do they want what you have to offer?

What platforms do they use to connect with the world around them? What do they care about? As you find the answers to these questions, you can tailor your brand personality to attract your audience to you.

Your brand identity should closely match your audience. There are 5 primary types of brand personalities:

  • Spirited and carefree excitement
  • Thoughtful and family-centric sincerity
  • Outdoorsy and athletic ruggedness
  • Influential and successful competence
  • Prestigious and elegant sophistication

Develop Distinct Brand Design

Many individual elements are at work when you are developing your brand design. These include:

  • Typography
  • Form/shape
  • Color palette

Typography can communicate whether your brand is traditional, modern, bold, luxurious, feminine, relatable, and so on. Subtle changes in shape—like a round shape for community or a straight-edged shape for stability—alter how people perceive your brand. Color palettes strategically tap into the psychology of color and how it is interpreted by the brain.

  • Red speaks to passion and excitement
  • Orange is high-energy and playful
  • Yellow evokes fun and accessibility
  • Green versatilely swaps from money or nature
  • Blue is the most widely appealing color for a brand
  • Purple heralds royalty
  • Brown can be rugged and masculine
  • Black is modern and sophisticated

Strive for Brand Consistency

The online aspect of today’s retail industry demands a multi-platform approach to marketing. Your brand needs a presence on social media, in the blogosphere, on a website, and more. As you work on your brand image, pay close attention to the way your brand reads across multiple platforms.

Having brand guidelines in the form of a style guide can help blog writing services like nail your brand personality. Brand guidelines for visuals ensure that your logo, website, product packaging, business card, and feeds all look and sound the same. Customers should be able to instantly recognize your brand when they encounter your content online and in real life.

Nail Your Brand Identity

As you understand your customers, develop a distinct design, and strive for consistency, you’ll find a brand identity that stands out from the crowd! Your brand identity will tell your story and people will come to hear it.

In this article, you’ve learned how to boost your business. Find more helpful articles about business by scrolling through our blog today!