How to Become a Pro at Air Hockey

How to Become a Pro at Air Hockey

Whether you love the arcades and want to secretly surprise your friends the next time you are there with your brand-new skills, or you are looking for a niche hobby to excel at, air hockey is just one of those games that are so fun to play.

If you have decided that this is the game you are destined to become a professional in, then look no further than this piece, which will discuss how you can excel in air hockey.

Study the Rules

If you only know about air hockey as a game you played as a kid, smacking the puck back and forth as much as possible to avoid it going in your goal was most likely the only ‘rules’ you knew. But did you know that air hockey has actual rules that need to be followed, especially as a professional player?

Make sure you know these rules down to a tee to help aid your understanding of the game and also how you are going to plan your playing strategy. You will also be able to whip out your rule knowledge if someone is trying to get away with a play that is a foul!

It will also help you avoid beginner mistakes, such as trying to show off. This can be especially hard to resist if you have been practicing some trick shots for a while and you finally have a chance to bust them out.

Focus on Your Defense

It is easy to want to go into the attack when you have an air hockey puck flying at your goal full speed, but apparently, what you actually want to be doing is focusing on defense. Even if your whole instinct is asking you to go on the offense.

Keep your goal guarded at all times – a technique called the home defense. You will also want to be tracking the puck at all times to make sure it is not going to sneak up on you the moment you take your handle out of the home position.

Oh, and make sure you research the best air hockey tables so you can choose one to practice with!

Have Some Tricks up Your Sleeve

These kinds of tricks are important for a successful air hockey game, as, with any simple game such as card games, there is a significant mental element while playing. You do not want to be too predictable as your opponent will be able to match every move you make. Think ahead about what shots you want to make ahead of the game and when they might be the most effective. This can help you blindsight your opponent and hopefully give you the winning goal!

Be Patient with Yourself

As with learning any sport, things can feel a bit tricky at the beginning, and if you do not get something right first, second, or even tenth time, you might feel like giving up. Be patient with yourself when you are learning a new skill, and if you become frustrated, then rest a few days before you begin again. You might be surprised how fast you pick things up when you have some space between your practice!