How to Become a Famous International Rock Star

How to Become a Famous International Rock Star

People all over the world dream of becoming a famous international rock star.

It’s every little boy and girl’s fantasy to become a star, but what does that truly mean?

What is it about being a “rock star” that makes people crave that status so much?

We may have an idea as to why this type of fame is so desired, but what exactly can be done for someone to become as big as their dreams desire them to be?

1. Learn How to Play an Instrument

This is the most obvious way to become a star–learn some guitar, piano, drums, or another instrument. If you’re into stringed instruments, go get a good beginner guitar to start with. If you’re into keys, get a good cheap piano, and so on. Keep using it until you’re good at it.

2. Start Writing Songs

A famous artist writes their own songs, like Taylor Swift; this gives them full creative control over what they create and how they execute it (lyrics, chord progressions, etc). You need to do the same thing.

3. Make an Album of Your Own Original Songs

Learn everything there is to know about recording your own music . Find passionate musicians who will make an album with you that’ll sell at least 100 copies on iTunes (don’t worry if no one buys your album–the point here is just to get enough money for promotional activities).

4. Try to be on TV

When you’re ready, try to get some publicity for your act by being on TV. Apply to popular talent shows like X-Factor or American Idol . If you can’t get onto one of those, just look around for any type of show–even something as unpopular as a local fishing show where you call your own shots and give the hosts ideas what they should do each week.

5. Get Known by an Established Artist

If there are no international artists who want to work with you, spend years trying to find someone more established than yourself who is willing to help out (it might take 10 years). Offer them creative control over how their name will presented in your album’s credits (e.g. “featuring whoever”).

6. Get a Record Deal

Don’t worry about making an album yet; just get signed to a record label . Make sure you take the time to work out how much money you’re getting paid by reading your contract front-to-back (this is important).

7. Pay Someone to Make Your First Album

Make sure your first album is at least 30 minutes long, because there are only 20 minutes of music on most CDs, and this way if it’s not charting well in its first week, they’ll be forced to make room for your second album somewhere else on the CD (and hopefully it will sell better).

8. Do Some Charity Work

Give back to the community. Participate in charity concerts, encourage fans to give blood at your shows, participate in fundraising events–whatever it takes to help out where there are still needs.

9. Get Really Rich

You have to be rich before you can become a star. Make sure you learn how money works so that you can figure out how much is enough. Don’t just spend all your money on cars and houses–spend some of it on high quality video equipment so that when people want an interview with you for their news program, they’ll know they have the right stuff to film it with (don’t worry if you don’t understand this step yet).

10. Make Some More Albums!

Once you’ve got one album under your belt, make another one (if you’re good enough by now, it might even go multi-platinum). Work with different producers on this album; tell them you want to try something new. You don’t have to work with too many people–just a few choice ones that you trust will give reasonable advice.

11. Find an Even Bigger Celebrity to Collaborate With

If there’s any celebrity who hasn’t yet worked with you, introduce yourself and see if they’re interested in working together for some type of benefit concert or charity event (you never know–they might just say yes!). Be persistent but polite.

12. Become World Famous

Now that you’ve got money and fame, all you need is to become world famous . You can do this by becoming involved in political causes (you don’t even have to know anything about the topic–just take a strong affiliation with one side or another). People like seeing celebrities get involved, so if you can work your name into any kind of newsworthy story, people will pay attention.

13. Tour to Get More Money

If you want more money, you can’t just sit around in your mansion all day–you’ve got to tour the world! People will come see you play wherever you are because they like listening to music (just make sure they’re not secretly recording it so that they don’t put it on YouTube).

14. Win Some Awards

Win some awards for whatever reason. You can do this by trying out for or entering into award shows like the Grammys. If there’s something else that’s popular where everyone gives each other trophies, enter into that thing too (e.g. “Lemmy presents The Golden Bongos!” ). Odds are if you win an award, someone who runs a news website will write about it.

15. Retire from Music

Once you get near the end of your life, make sure to retire from music. You can say something like “I’m too old for this ****” or “This is my last tour ever!” This way, people will always remember you as an artist who retired at the top of his game (do this after you win some more awards).


The most important thing you can do to be a one of the greatest rocks bands is pursue your dreams. If you want it, go for it with everything that you’ve got. You never know what might happen if you try!