How the progression of technology has influenced live casino

How the progression of technology has influenced live casino

The introduction of the internet to the world of gambling truly changed the game – literally! Whilst many industries have found a new way to conduct their business online, the casino is certainly one of the most impactful. But, whilst you can now play live casino games with real dealers at Griffon Casino from the click of a mouse, that wasn’t always the way!

From the first brick-and-mortar establishment, a whole new way to play (online) and finally, the chance to play live from the comfort of your own home hit the scene! Join us as we discover how technology has progressed over the years, to develop the truly innovative live casino games that we play today.


The journey to the first official brick-and-mortar location was tumultuous, and a long time coming. After battling the legal implications of running a physical casino, America was soon able to obtain licenses and build permanent gaming establishments.

However, the first casino was actually constructed in Venice, on the Grand Canal, opening its doors in 1638. Whilst the original building was considerably different from what you’d see today, the structure still remains. Understandably, the all-singing, all-dancing casinos that we have now grown to love did not develop until the 19th century, in North America. From there, it has only continued to progress.


The first online casino came onto the scene in the mid-1990s, thanks to the developers at Microgaming. Just like the stages of the brick-and-mortar casino, the first online casino site looked very different to what we flock to today.

After this online site debuted, individual sites began to form, such as Poker Planet in 1998 where Poker was the only game on offer, specifically tailored to fans of the classic card game. Despite only offering that one option, players would continue to flock to this site, perhaps simply relishing in the chance to play online.

Live online

After a while, playing online lost its initial excitement and players were looking for something new, yet again. Players soon found that they were missing the buzz of sitting in a real-life casino, with a dealer and a table laid out in front of them. This was soon solved with a whole new gaming development – live online casinos.

At first, Blackjack was the only game on offer, as this was the most popular casino game at the time. Whilst catering to the players’ desires, the initial efforts didn’t run as smoothly as expected, as the games were being streamed from real-life operating casinos, which meant that the players who were physically there would keep getting in the way of the camera and blocking the view for those enjoying the fun from home.

Thankfully, by 2006, a solution was found. Live online casino games were now streamed from dedicated studios, designed specifically with these broadcasts in mind. Players at home would now see every single shuffle, spin and outcome with perfect precision – just like they would if they were really there! Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.