How Public Opinion Affects the Lives of LGBT Couples in Different Countries

How Public Opinion Affects the Lives of LGBT Couples in Different Countries

Opinions and views on LGBT couples around the world are still divided. Many countries are now more accepting of diverse relationships, LGBT marriages, and gay dating. However, some countries still refuse to abandon an old-fashioned way of thinking. The LGBT population needs to hide there and use discreet online dating apps to find a partner. The way in which countries are run has an influence on how people think, and that’s likely to be the underpinning factor behind public opinion. So, how do different countries and public opinion view LGBT couples?

Countries Where the Lives of LGBT Couples are Improving

If you’re someone who is living in a same-sex couple, met with online lgbt dating sites or offline events, at a gay club, for example, then how you’re accepted in society is all about the country you live in. Some countries and people accept all kinds of LGBT relationships, and these countries are improving how they view LGBT relationships – these are Europe, North America, and Australia, and how it fares in the rest of the world?

Latin America

Many parts of Latin America are known to be slightly slow in making progress, but other countries are making improvements. The likes of Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, and Mexico City are embracing change. In 2012, Argentina introduced the Gender Identity Law while Colombia and Mexico City have legalized gay marriage too.


Progress could be considered slow in Asia, although things are moving in the right direction. Vietnam has already held its first pride event, while Singapore had thousands of gay couples attend the Pink Dot Pride Rally. Still, many people have adopted an old-fashioned way of thinking that links back to culture and tradition, but things have improved, and that’s seen through the younger generation as opposed to the older generation.

The Rest of The World

The rest of the world has taken a varied approach to gay dating and LGBT couples. However, the likes of Northern Cyprus still remain steadfast in its belief that homosexuality should be illegal, making it the only place in Europe where it is still illegal to be in a gay relationship.

Malawi might be a relatively reserved country that slips under the radar, but homosexuality laws would be removed while countries such as Denmark, New Zealand, France, and Brazil have all legalized gay marriage. Furthermore, some states in the US whereby gay marriage and LGBT relationships are illegal are slowly being forced to change their approach.

Countries Where the Lives of LGBT Couples Are Still Restricted

Despite many areas of the world opening their arms to LGBT relationships, there are still a number of countries that consider it illegal.

Iran is a country that is hugely religious and still punishes people with death for embarking on gay relationships. It’s considered an illness, and this is not the only Middle Eastern country that takes this approach because many other countries continue to adopt the same stance.

When we consider the likes of Cameroon, where it is still illegal, individuals have been tortured and murdered for embracing gay relationships, and still, people are punished for being homosexual, and so, public opinion continues to follow the same approach that gay relationships should remain illegal. Despite this, many people still believe in fighting for their rights because more gay individuals and groups are openly speaking about the lack of support for the gay community there.

Nigeria shares a border with Cameroon, and things are not becoming any easier for LGBT couples there. More laws are being passed, unlike other countries around the world where they are actually reducing laws and restrictions. Those people who embrace same-sex relationships can expect to find themselves facing 14 years in prison. Nobody within Nigeria is exercising or fighting the rights of individuals because it is already illegal to have a homosexual relationship. Furthermore, there are provisions in place to prevent LGBT groups from forming, suppressing the beliefs of many people throughout the country.

Another African country that still considers LGBT relationships and gay couples as illegal is Uganda. Much like Nigeria, Uganda is looking to pass more laws whereby homosexual couples will be punished with the death penalty, and those who are found to be gay will spend the rest of their life in prison. To add to the complexities of this, even those people who do not report gay people will be punished, too, regardless of their job, and this includes the likes of doctors and teachers.

Russia is continuing to distance itself from other European countries by reducing gay rights and making it more challenging for gay couples to have relationships. Anyone who supports any relationship that doesn’t follow traditional beliefs will be punished by law. This also includes those who support it and aims to change the opinions of other people too.

To add to this, the public is not permitted to arrange gay events, and that means that violence is increasing against gay people. This has resulted in murder and attacks, both of which are continuing to increase. It is believed that around 15% of the LGBT community in Russia have experienced attacks, although many assaults, verbal or physical, are not reported. Things are also turning worse because the reach of neo-Nazi groups is increasing, and they’re now targeting gay teenagers. This belief is running deep into society because people do not want to be seen to be supporting these kinds of relationships. Youngsters are being lured in by gangs before being forced to come out while being filmed and then shared across social media. This is then exposing these individuals and increasing their chances of being attacked and targeted.

Are Things Improving?

Absolutely. Things are now becoming more and more open around the world. Furthermore, the LGBT community has more support and more of a voice than ever before. More events are taking place, and communities and public opinion are changing. People are becoming more accepting and understanding of the needs of people, which makes it easier for LGBT people to freely express their sexualities and feelings without fear of being attacked, killed, or imprisoned. Besides, the Internet conquers all, and online gay dating provides people with the chance to meet their loved ones and sexual partners without public eye-catching it. Finding happiness thus becomes easier, and the more happy gay couples there are, the more society finds them acceptable, so it’s a win-win situation.

Ultimately, the world is evolving, and those old-fashioned countries that are built on traditions are having to quickly become more accepting by allowing gay people to live their lives as freely as they want.