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How Much Do The Most Popular CS:GO Players Earn?

Released in 2012, CS:GO is one of the greatest esports to have graced the gaming community. With almost $127 million spent in 6,009 tournaments, CS:GO ranks number two in the highest total prizes awarded by games, second only to Dota 2.  CS:GO is an iconic game. It’s difficult to keep up with so many tournaments, and so many superstars rising every single day. Tips.gg news is a great website to keep up with these constant CS:GO news.

This competitive 5v5 FPS is watched by millions of viewers, with the recent PGL Major Grand Finals garnering a record-breaking total of 2.7 million viewers.

PGL Major was also historic because it had the highest monetary reward ever in CS:GO history. NaVi won a lion’s share of the event’s $2m prize, by winning every single map they played on, another stat for the history books.

With such wide-scale popularity, hundreds of tournaments every year, and millions of viewers for these tournaments, players and organizations earn hefty amounts of cash. Though players’ personal wages are a well-kept secret, we do know how much they’ve earned through tournament wins.

And lo and behold, here are the total earnings of some of the most popular CS:GO players in the world right now!

(ESL | Helena Kristiansson)
(ESL | Helena Kristiansson)

1. s1mple

Probably the greatest man to grace our game of Counter-Strike, Alexander Kostylev is the richest CS:GO player after the 5 Danish legends of Astralis.

With total earnings worth $1.4 million, this prodigy has won every single thing there is to win. For years, the Major had eluded s1mple. But 2021 was an extravagant year for him, as NaVi won tournament after tournament, eventually winning the Intel Grand Slam. The Major win was a delicious cherry on their cake.

Astonishingly, s1mple won 51% of his net worth in 2021 alone. He won $730,000 in 2021. His next best year is 2018 where he won just $230,000.

His highest-earning tournaments were the Major win and the Intel Grand Slam win, both within 2 months of each other in 2021.

With NaVi hot in their ambitions to create an era, it is more than likely s1mple will only earn more. He may even surpass dupreeh, the richest CS:GO player ever.

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Total Earnings: $1,418,238 (128 tournaments)

2. zywOo

The Chosen One. The French mastermind is only 21 years old, yet has racked up $422,000 in earnings. 2019 and 2020’s Player Of The Year has won more than 90% of his earnings in Team Vitality.

Financially, his best year was his very first year of S-Tier CS:GO: 2019. He won $181,000, 42% of his total earnings. After a 2019 peak, he earned less in 2020, and even less in 2021.

With Vitality looking to rebuild for a better 2022, it’s apparent that the brainy AWPer will win much more next year.

Total Earnings: $422,494 (79 tournaments)

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3. dev1ce

One of the most legendary players in the history of Counter-Strike, dev1ce holds the crown of having won the most MVPs (18). Having won an astonishing four Majors, dev1ce is the third-most richest player of CS:GO.

Being an active star player on a top team, he has a great chance of becoming the richest player in 2022. He’s merely $20,000 away from Number 1, which means that if NiP win an S-Tier tournament soon, dev1ce will overtake ex-teammates dupreeh and Xyp9x to become the richest.

The legendary AWPer currently plies his trade for the Swedish team NiP, after being the first to leave the historic Astralis squad.

Total Earnings: $1,916,054 (158 tournaments)

(ESL | Bart Oerbekke)
(ESL | Bart Oerbekke)

4. Stewie2k

Jake Yip is an undisputed legend in NA CS:GO history. His heroics against NiKo and FaZe in the Boston Major finals are hailed by Americans to this day. He was a star of a Cloud9 team that won the only ever NA Major to this day.

Since then, Stewie has descended from the clouds and into liquid. In Team Liquid, he had a phenomenal 2019, where they won the Intel Grand Slam in record time, just 63 days. Though he never won a Major with Liquid, he earned 42% of his total earnings in 2019 alone.

Team Liquid today is a ticking time bomb, as they are set to disband after the last 2021 tournament. NAF has renewed his contract with Liquid, but Stewie’s future has not been in the news. CS:GO, especially the NA region, owes a lot to stew, and I hope he joins a strong team and keeps winning tournaments, and adds to his $1m+ net worth.

Total Earnings: $1,173,590 (181 tournaments)

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5. NiKo

One of the most talented aimers of this generation, Nikola Kovac is no stranger to game-changing highlight clip plays. The Bosnian has been at the top of people’s sights ever since his early mouz days.

Ever since, he has been in powerhouses like FaZe Clan, and currently G2. NiKo has won a plethora of tournaments and collected multiple MVP medals everywhere he’s been. He has even reached the Grand Finals of two Majors, both with different teams.

The world’s best rifler has earned a humongous sum of money, nearing almost a million dollars.

His G2 side is currently undergoing some changes. CS:GO predictions for G2 are difficult to make right now. Nevertheless, I hope NiKo will rise higher in 2022, winning more tournaments and reaching the $1 million mark.

Total Earnings: $903,425 (138 tournaments)

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It’s important to note that these earnings are just tournament earnings. Players earn money through various more sources. Salaries from organizations, various sponsors, live streaming on Twitch and YT, player and team stickers’ sale, etc. are some of the most notable ways in which players earn money.

dupreeh is without a team right now and NiP is a bad spot because of the roster changes. Xyp9x on the other hand is on a new, but strong, Astralis side. Xyp9x will likely become the first player to reach the $2 million mark and become the richest CS:GO player.

Though highly unlikely, s1mple himself may become the first to win $2m total, but only if NaVi go on a dominant tear, like in 2021. electronic is not very far off s1mple, either.