How is working from home changing our working habits?

How is working from home changing our working habits?

With many of us having to create a space at home to work from, setting up shop in our kitchens and spare rooms, it’s safe to say a lot of our working habits have changed too.

It seems that many businesses are likely to operate on either a full working from home basis or a hybrid model of some kind. Whether you’re going to venture into the office a couple of times a week or not at all, the pandemic has had a huge impact on working life as we know it.

What working aspects have changed since working from home became the norm?

Working from home has caused a huge shift across most industries. A recent survey conducted by the largest UK-based online printing company instantprint, resulted in some interesting findings on the subject.

For example, cast your mind back to when you worked from an office or business environment. How many times would you take a day off because you felt under the weather?

When quizzed on how their attitude towards calling in sick has changed since pre-Covid, more than a fifth (22%) admitted that it would “take a lot” for them to call in sick, even in the wake of a pandemic. A fifth (21%) even admitted that since the start of the pandemic they’ve been calling in sick less and are only doing so for a serious illness such as Covid.”

But why could this be?

A possible explanation could be that because we’ve had to do much less commuting, we’ve no longer had to worry about whether or not we could make it to the office via a stuffy ride on the tube or by cycling.

Working from the comfort of our own home has also meant we no longer have to worry about infecting others with whatever was making us feel unwell, meaning we could simply nurse ourselves back to good health from the sofa or bed, all while answering emails.

More digitalisation but less socialisation

Although for some, working from home has been a blessing, for others it’s been more difficult. We’ve had to heavily rely on technology to get us through, which is great if your internet is incredibly reliable and you don’t have other people streaming movies or on video conferences for hours on end.

There’s also been a big dip in socialising too. Whether that’s due to the restrictions in general or not, the days of heading to the pub after a day in the office have disappeared, as many don’t want to commute into towns or cities when they’re settled at home already.

There’s hope for the future

The temptation to continue to work from home full time may be big for some, but for others, they’re ready to get back to the way things were. With more businesses looking to remove strict dress codes and introduce more flexi-working, it’s likely that more and more will be enticed to head back to the office very soon.