How Does Google’s Update Affect PPC?

How Does Google’s Update Affect PPC?

When people open the Google search, type of request, and get the list of options to consider, it is not a coincidence, but a result of the hard work of professionals. They should not only follow the rules and guidelines to help the promoted service get to the top position but also make maximum effort to be aware of all the minor and major changes in the Google algorithms that may influence the outcomes of the PPC campaign.

Generally, Google Ads is one of the most influential and advantageous instruments for quality website optimization and product promotion. However, it is also a complicated mechanism that should continuously be managed in order to guarantee its flawless functioning.

When you leave a random search request, like How To Create A Perfect Kitchen In A Dorm, you may notice the results of the hard work of optimization specialists. It is inevitable to mention that the changes offered by Google are not always convenient, but they are surely focused on the improvement of provided services. Consequently, irrespective of the technical issues and downsides, the customer will get the most impressive and helpful search result.

The PPC Aspects Influenced by Google Update

It is impossible to deny that the advancements and improvements that take place in the Google algorithm interfere with the pay-per-click search. There are numerous aspects that are highly affected by such changes, including ad rank, quality score, and placement of the landing pages.

If you take some time to immerse yourself into the details of the experience, you will acknowledge that the professional Google team keeps changing the search algorithm to provide customers with the most effective and helpful results only. Every year, the team offers up to 500 minor modifications that cause major changes. While they may not be significant for the users, they are surely challenging for professionals who are responsible for website optimization and promotion.

At this point, it is critical to mention that the qualified and experienced search community does not always accept the changes, ignoring some of them and taking advantage of the standard ones. However, striving to make every single project successful, the PPC specialist should rely on the most recent updates and relevant information.

The Significance of the Quality Score in Paid Search

When it comes to PPC, it is inevitable to mention that the Google updates influence it through the AdWords Quality Score. Although Google does not affect the way it is calculated, it surely interferes with a range of other aspects of the paid search. Currently, striving to calculate the Quality Score, you will have to take into account a few prominent factors, such as the rate of the keywords, quality of the landing page, and popularity of the search terms. The combination of these factors can either advance the success of the PPC campaign or completely decrease its efficiency.

As for the PPC professionals, such changes added a considerable amount of work, as they are recommended to estimate the Quality Score for every single keyword.

Other Aspects of Google Updates

If you have not had an opportunity to read the whole article about the modifications that have taken place within the last Google update, here are a few most important facts you need to pay attention to:

  • The quantity of advertisements displayed at the top of the page will grow to four.
  • Right hand side text advertisements are no longer available.
  • Three advertisements may be offered at the bottom of every page,
  • All the changes are applicable to desktops and tablets.

Taking into account all these facts, it is indispensable to mention that PPC specialists will have much more work to be done to guarantee the prosperity of each campaign.

As the number of spaces offered for text ads decreases, it will take much more effort to get to the top, getting a chance to present the ad on the page. The competition will be immense, so the PPC specialists will have to work hard to earn the highest quality score.

Although all the details of the changes that have taken place in the Google algorithm are not disclosed yet, the impact of the update is obvious. However, it is critical to mention that it may be devastating for some specialists but beneficial for others.