How does a cold therapy unit help you recover after an intense gym session?

For a lot of us, the last year included a lot of lounging around on the couch and eating junk food. For that reason, you may be finding yourself feeling a need to work out even harder than you otherwise might be! With harder workouts can come some seriously sore muscles and joints.

That wouldn’t be a huge issue if it was for the fact that sore muscles and joints can actually reduce your ability to get to the gym and safely continue your workout regimen.

For that reason, many people who are committed to safely getting their pump on in the gym turn to cold therapy after their hardest workouts.

But what is cold therapy and how does it help people after an intense gym session? Visit site to find out.

What is cold therapy?

You may already know the answer to this question, but we still think it is important to quickly go over what cold therapy really is. Essentially, cold therapy is applying any kind of ice or cold object to a part of the body to reduce inflammation and easing pain or aching.

Cold therapy can be anything as simple as putting a bunch of ice cubes in a plastic bag and sitting it on a sore knee, or as advanced as getting a specialized cold therapy unit that allows for extended and specific treatment to a part of the body like an ankle, wrist, shoulder and more!

How does cold therapy help recover after intense gym sessions?

If you are a passionate gym-goer, then no doubt investing in a cold therapy unit is going to be the right choice for you. Cold therapy units allow users to sit in comfortable positions for extended periods while cold therapy is applied directly and safely to the painful area.

How do they help the body after workouts? Well, there are quite a few ways, actually.

Cold therapy reduces inflammation

Certainly, the most important benefit that cold therapy offers is its ability to reduce inflammation in the body. Cold therapy reduces the blood flow to the treated area, which in turn reduces the amount of inflammation in muscles and joints. This means faster recovery and less discomfort in between workouts.

You’ll feel great

The post-workout glow is definitely a thing for a lot of us. After all, working out allows the body to release a lot of endorphins. However, sitting in your more comfortable chair and soothing the pain from a tough workout with a cold therapy unit is going to make you feel even better.

Reduce fluid in joints

Another thing that cold therapy can do is reduce the production of synovial joint fluid. While this fluid is crucial to healthy joints, too much of it can cause a lot of pain. Luckily, cold therapy does a fantastic job of making sure that the body does not overproduce this fluid, thus leaving the joints healthy and happy for your next workout!