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How are the best films about artificial intelligence far from reality?

Not so long ago, series and films about artificial intelligence were associated with the world of the future, the world of faceless skyscrapers and cyber-showdowns. But today, when technology has firmly entered our lives, and in any store, in the wasteland, you can pay with a pay-pass, the reality created by man requires a deeper understanding. Although films and series about artificial intelligence are marked by the genre of “sci-fi”, many of the ideas from them are based on real ML models, as well the plot of some XX best movies become our current reality, like video-calls, driverless autos, and robot-vacuum cleaners. 

Let’s talk about the best of them. 

Black Mirror

In 2011, Charlie Brooker released the first season of his anthology on the BBC about the impact of modern high technology on humans. Since then, the series, which has already had five seasons, and the sixth is on the way, has become a major hit – a terrible prediction about the enslavement of the human of the future by these very technologies.

Each episode in the series has its plot, they are not related to each other in any way. Surveillance, wiretapping, likes and comments, video cameras, electronic services, artificial intelligence – the world of people will never be the same. Check this article about AI ethics before watching this film.

Blade Runner 2049

The first Blade Runner with Harrison Ford fantasized about 2019, the second about 2049, in which, judging by the rapidity of progress, everything will be completely different from what we imagine. The world is populated by replicants who do hard work. Officer Kay (Ryan Gosling) has no doubts that he is one of them, but without a sudden doubt, there would not have been a conflict. Having become the owner of secret information, Kay goes in search of Rick Deckard (Ford’s hero) who disappeared many years ago. Blade Runner 2049 by Ridley Scott is not only a worthy sequel to the timeless classic but also just a very beautiful film.

Altered Carbon

Earth, XXVII century. A world in which it became possible to “unload” human consciousness and personality from one body to another. An ideal world for criminals, cops, and the army, but hardly ideal for ex-military commando and ex-rebel Takeshi Kovacs, who is hired by billionaire Bancroft to investigate the death of one of his bodies. Outwardly, it is an obvious suicide, but Bancroft considers himself incapable of such an act, and the memories of the last minutes of his life are destroyed by a well-aimed shot at the memory device.


The invention has surpassed its creator – the main theme of this autumn’s novelty. A computer genius created artificial intelligence in an attempt to ease people’s daily worries, but his creation has gone out of control. In the new realities, every digital device becomes a potential threat and humanity is preparing for the coming technological disaster. Teaming up with a cybercrime special agent, the protagonist begins to develop a plan to save humanity.

Given the opportunity to learn about everything that is happening in the world at any time, people in exchange provided full access to their lives, thereby disarming themselves. The project makes us think about how much our favorite gadgets know about us, and what will happen if this information is used against us.
To estimate the probability of such ideas,  read the explanation of the ML models here.


Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty are not only the most absurd but also the most scientific animated series in a long time. Under a layer of Easter eggs and Rick’s sarcastic jokes, the creators of the show hid a lot of scientific theories – the characters face their manifestations in every episode.
The regressive analysis is what the heroes actually do all the time.

The physics of the series is based on the theory of the multiverse. Heroes now and then jump from world to world, get acquainted with their alternative incarnations, and watch their own lives on satellite television.


An amusement park seems to be one of the most harmless places, only if the robots (whose mission is to satisfy all the desires and whims of visitors) decide to take over the planet. Westworld demonstrates the struggle between the human mind and seemingly insensitive machines. But what will happen if, with such a rapid development of technology, androids begin to experience human emotions and even know true love?

The project brought together the most pressing problems of modern society: social inequality, cyber threat, and centralization of power. The audience will witness the possible future of humanity and will be able to look at their present from a different angle.


The plot of the Anglo-American series takes place in a parallel world where all the routine work is done by robotic servants. A newfangled invention can be purchased by anyone and with a calm soul delegate their daily duties. Thus, people gradually lose the desire to develop, build relationships and even live.

Human is a great example of how modern technologies affect us, and what consequences can be in the absence of responsibility and a sense of duty. By shifting all possible work to digital machines, humanity does not even notice how it dooms itself to an eternal emotional crisis and regression in development.


Project Maniac, an American adaptation of the popular Norwegian series, shows what an alternate future would look like when medicine and virtual reality are combined.

The main characters, faced with various psychological traumas, decide to participate in a scientific experiment and plunge into the virtual world. Science testing doesn’t go according to plan, and the characters must face a long-forgotten past and relive it all over again.

The series neatly brings the viewer to an extremely simple, but very important conclusion: interpersonal relationships and emotional attachment are the main values ​ of every person. And no innovative technologies and devices can replace this.


The series about the future of Silicon Valley and its inhabitants has become a topic of discussion among many fans of science fiction series. The plot of the project is built around the philosophy of determinism (the predestination doctrine) and the principles of free will. The main characters, being IT specialists, throughout the series are trying to figure out their feelings and true desires.

Devs allow us to look behind the scenes of the world’s technology hub and wonder if we want to live in a world where machines have the final say.

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

The original title of this documentary masterpiece by Werner Herzog encodes the first message sent over the Internet on October 29, 1969 – the word “lo”, which began the digital era that forever changed our world. Reveries of the Connected World is a film not only about artificial intelligence and the history of the Internet but also about how it has changed the entire planet and all areas of our lives. What would Buddhist monks, natural landscapes, and our relationships be like without artificial intelligence? Werner Herzog doesn’t know the answer but talks about it in a very entertaining way.


Hope you enjoyed the list and can share your thoughts in the comments below.