Italy Head of Medical Association

Head of Italian medical Association dies from coronavirus

The head of the Italian Medical Association has died from the COVID-19 infection, Italy’s National Federation of Doctors and General Practitioners confirmed in a statement to press.

67-year old Roberto Stella, president of the Medical Guild of Varese, died due to respiratory failure from the coronavirus on Tuesday night, the guild said Wednesday.

Italy Head of Medical Association

Italy remains on complete lock-down as death toll due to the virus crosses 1,000.


Italian Medical Chief Roberto Stella has died, aged 67, as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19), according to People. He and another physician at his medical practice had been diagnosed with coronavirus recently.

The president of the Medical Guild of Varese died on Tuesday in Como, Italy, after having contracted the virus at an earlier date. Stella had been hospitalized on Friday due to respiratory failure resulting from the disease.

Considered a well-respected doctor at both the local and national level, the association he headed, along with the Italian medical profession in general, are now mourning his loss. A statement addressing his death was released by Italy’s National Federation of Doctors and General Practitioners.

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He was the example of the capability and hard work of family doctors,” Silvestro Scotti, national secretary of the federation, said in the statement, according to CNN.

“His death represents the outcry of all colleagues who still today are not equipped with the proper individual protection needed.”

The Order of Doctors-Surgeons and Dentists of Varese also released a statement regarding Stella’s death, according to Varese News, and part of the translation is included below.

“The Dr. Roberto Stella, President of the Order of Physicians-Surgeons and Dentists in the Varese province, as well as national coordinator of training at the National FNOMCeO and national president of SNAMID, Scientific Society of General Medicine, has left us today, in the early hours dawn.”