Hawley has introduced a bill that would remove Disney’s ‘woke’ copyright protections from other media companies.

Hawley plans to repeal Disney’s “special rights” through the passage of a new law.

In a bipartisan effort, Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri has sponsored legislation that would shorten the duration of new copyrights while simultaneously eliminating the special copyright protections granted to the Walt Disney Company by the United States Congress.

The “Copyright Clause Restoration Act of 2022,” which would apply retrospectively to entities such as Walt Disney, would set a 56-year limit on the duration of copyrights given to corporations by the United States Congress.


“Republicans’ ability to subsidize the wealthy has reached its limit. Although it is increasingly appealing to wake activists, Disney has made billions in part as a result of copyright protections for its films and other media works that were passed by the United States Congress. Ending Disney’s reign of invention and innovation is necessary to bring in a new era of technological advancement “Hawley spoke exclusively to The News God about the situation.