Guns for Beginners: A Mini Guide on Learning to Shoot

In America today, a staggering number of people own a firearm. Estimates put the number of gun owners at around 72 million people or 22% of the US population. Owning a gun and exercising your Second Amendment rights is one thing. However, knowing how to shoot accurately and safely is another thing entirely. Hollywood films make learning to shoot look incredibly easy.

Simply raise the weapon, close one eye, and fire. However, shooting a gun is more complicated than that and takes actual, serious training. To get the most out of your firearm and ensure maximum safety and protective capacity, you need to learn to shoot a gun properly. Here’s how to do it.

1. Consult the Professionals

To learn to shoot, you should always consult professional resources from expert marksmen. This will ensure that you get accurate, trustworthy information on how to shoot safely and accurately.

For this, you are best off using an accredited institution such as the American Gunsmithing Institute. They have a range of detailed online courses for first-time gun owners, all of which are available at them out today.

2. Learning to Shoot: The Fundamentals

Knowing how to shoot a gun means knowing the four fundamental gun skills every shooter needs to have. These are:


Proper grip is essential for success. A poor or incorrect grip will not only result in wildly inaccurate shooting but also potentially serious injury from kickback. Always grip the gun below the backstrap with your dominant hand and use your non-dominant hand to support the dominant hand. Always keep your index figure far away from the trigger until the moment you are ready to fire.


The position of your body is essential if you want to succeed as a gunsmith. Always keep your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your knees bent slightly, while also lightly leaning on the toes. Have a good, relaxed grip on the gun and make use of your body’s natural support. Moreover, we would suggest you to visit this page if you want to know more about how to become a gunsmith.


If you can’t aim, you cannot shoot a gun. Period. It is essential to make a proper alignment from your eye to the weapon to the target that you are aiming at. The post on the top of the gun is there to help you make that alignment correctly. Once you master this simple technique, your accuracy will improve.


Mastering the art of the trigger pull is essential for anyone learning how to shoot a gun. The goal is to pull the trigger in a clean, uninterrupted break without too much anticipation. Otherwise, you run the risk of recoil, which can cause serious injury. Apply slow and steady pressure at every stage of the shot and make sure to be confident in your ability to hit the target.

Master Your Sport, Today

Learning to shoot is more than just a hobby, it is a sport that requires skills and plenty of practice. For more expert insights on how to master your chosen sport quickly, we have got you covered. Simply consult our dedicated Sports section to learn more.