Girls Building Empires Scam - An Honest Review

Girls Building Empires Scam – An Honest Review

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and a very powerful marketing tool with over one billion users worldwide. Brands partner with influencers to help promote their product or service through images and videos on Instagram.

Did you know Kylie Jenner is paid more than $1 million for a single post on Instagram? You probably can’t reach that level but you can easily build the kind of following that will help you make $10k a month or more.

If you are not sure how to do that, consider signing up for the Girls Building Empires course. 

Here’s what you will learn.

GBE Module 1 – The Foundation

One way to stand out on Instagram is to find your niche. When people think of beauty influencers, they think of flawless makeup and passionate tutorials. But what about those that aren’t into beauty? Or maybe you’re not very skilled at doing your makeup or hair yet but love reading fashion magazines instead? The first chapter in Girls Building Empires will teach you how to choose the right niche.

Next, you’ll learn how to adopt the right mindset. It is essential to have realistic goals and a strategy behind every post. You cannot post randomly on various topics. You need to act and behave like an authority on the subject.

GBE Module 2 – The Take Off

Your fourth week will teach you how to make a profile. You have very limited options when it comes to creating a profile. This makes it difficult to stand out among the crowd. A well-designed profile can make all the difference in your followers’ experience. It is their first impression. First impressions are nearly impossible to change.

It’s essential to be consistent on your social media channels, but more importantly, make sure you are genuinely creating quality content. If you’re not a beauty guru, do create some tutorials. Maybe you know how to cook amazing dishes or DIY projects that would interest others. 

Once you start getting noticed, it is time to brand yourself. It’s not enough to post an image on the internet anymore. It would help if you were serious about your work by creating images that clearly state who you are and what you do with them on social media. It’s also important to be open about who you are and what your lifestyle is like regardless of whether or not it fits the norm. People want to follow people they can relate to, not someone who has a perfect life where all their problems are easily solved with money. The Girls Building Empires course will tell how to be authentic.

GBE Module 3 – The Optimization

When it comes to the captions, they tend to be a little more tricky. It can be easy to come up with a witty pun or quote but don’t overdo it because you want your caption to relate to your content without being too cheesy or repetitive. You’ll also want to choose a filter that is complementary and pops out at the viewer.

Regardless of how good the images are, if you only post them once in a while, then it just won’t be enough. People will get tired of seeing the old posts. They won’t want to continue following you when you don’t come up with content that interests them. This section in GBE explains how to create consistently good content.

GBE Module 4 – The Growth & Monetization

You need some posts to go viral if you want to grow quickly. To achieve viral content, you will have to create a piece of content that your followers want to share with others. When you think of the most popular posts on social media, they are usually funny or have a strong message. If you can come up with something relatable and exciting, then people will be sharing.

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The final part talks about making money with your Instagram following. So, how much money can you make with Instagram?

I scoured the internet to find what most Instagram influencers think is reasonable compensation for answering that question. This is just a tiny sampling of what you can expect to be paid by various companies. These rates are for one post only, and many require a binding contract.

Some companies expect you to work for free or with an upfront discount (against future earnings). Unethical? Yes… but it happens. But good influencers can easily make as much as $5000 a month or $300 for a single post. 

If you want to make the big bucks, be ready to prove your value and negotiate upfront. And keep in mind that these are one-off projects; if you want a high-paying long-term contract, you’ll need to prove lasting value. Remember that you can create more than one income source. GBE has plenty of advice on how to monetize your profile.

Good Things about Girls Building Empires:

I like several things about the training program. Let’s quickly go through them all.

It is affordable:

The fee is reasonable. I have come across many courses that claimed to have helped needy people turn into millionaires, and when you reach the sales page, it ends up costing $5000. People who are broke or looking to make money do not have that kind of money. Thankfully, GBE is priced at a reasonable $99.

It is verifiable:

They have over 2.2 million followers to prove that their strategies work. And it’s all organic which means you do not have to spend on ads. 

It is targeted at the right audience:

It’s a perfect choice for girls or ladies who want to start an online business but find methods like affiliate marketing or drop shipping a bit too dull (or taxing). Instagram business is much simpler. You don’t have to create, update, and market a website. You can focus on one thing, and that is to grow your Instagram empire. 

Things I don’t like:

The website is very basic. This is because they are kind of running the entire thing via Instagram, which makes sense. After all, they are going to teach you the same. But I would still prefer if they had a website with more details and a blog.


If you want to become an influencer on Instagram, it takes time and effort. Building an Instagram following from scratch can be difficult when you don’t have the luxury of being born into fame or growing up in front of cameras for your entire life. However, if you are willing to put in the work necessary to grow your account organically, the Girls Building Empires will help you achieve your goals! And they have an ever-growing community to motivate and inspire you.