Ghanaians don’t trust Bawumia anymore – Kofi Adams

Former National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Kofi Adams says  Ghanaians have lost trust in Vice president, Dr Bawumia who prides himself as Economic doctor.


In plain truth, the Parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress for Buem constituency, noted that every figure the Vice president quotes does not match the reality on ground and this has made him a laughing stalk even within his own party members.


His comments was in response to Bawumai’s assertion during the Youth Employment Agency YEA job centre and Artisan Directory launch on Wednesday 2nd October, 2019, that, the NDC when in power increase Utility tariffs to 166% a situation which made it very difficult for some Ghanaians to pay light bills resulting in most people using generators to reduce their light bills.


But the loudmouth who did not find the comment of the Vice President convincing enough indicated that the Vice President has said a lot of lies even before his party came into office and Ghanaians are fed up with is lies.


“Someone who told us his government won’t take loans when they win power, now they are going round borrowing, and calling it leverage should not be taken serious at all”, he said.


To him, Bawumia always quote wrong figures to throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians and if even previous government increased electricity tariff to 166% why is his government also increasing electricity tariffs.



On Monday 4th September, 2019 the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission announced an upward review of electricity by 5.94%.


It also announced increase water tariffs by 2.22% bringing the combined increase to over 8%.


In a statement Monday, the PURC explained, the increase in tariffs was determined by the Automatic Adjustment Formula (AAF) which considers eight factors including inflation, in arriving at a review.


PURC announced, consumers should expect the increase to kick in on October 1, 2019