Ghana – ‘a Nation of diminished values’

Ghana – ‘a Nation of diminished values’. 

I feel sorry to be a Ghanaian sometimes. A situation which which never existed. I used to be proud and happy anytime I recited the National Pledge or sang the Anthem, or heard or sang any of the patriotic songs, or saw any emblem of this State.
I developed a deeper love, sense of patriotism for this Nation at a tender age when I read about Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Sir Arko Korsah, Tetteh Quarshie, Dr Kwagyir Aggrey and the hundreds who contributed with all their mights to establish this state.

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Fast forward to recent years, the love for the State had turned to hatred, I only see shameless caricatures. We do things in this country as if there is no yardsticks to measure ourselves. While many others like America, Britain, China have putting their Nation’s first, dying to protect and sustain them, sadly Ghanaians and mostly the so called educated ones are happily and busily digging the biggest grave to bury this Nation in.

All many knows are alphabets of political parties. Above are the photos of two distinguished women. Madam Charlotte Osei, immediate past Electoral Commission Chief and Madam Jean Mensah, the incumbent EC Chief. These are women who have worked their ways up the academic and professional ladders to the top.

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In a world where men have mostly been in control of affairs, and years of campaigns to give women equal opportunities to be part of decision making and implementation, one would have been happy for this women and wished that the entire Nation supports them to succeed. To create more role models such as them for other young women to emulate.

But no, not in a small land called Ghana, where everything except the air we breath is directed and dictated by stinking dirty partisan politics. Both the so called educated and the none educated are just preoccupied by political machinations to the point that nothing else is considered when acting.

Today there are a group of people who hates Madam Charlotte Osei for absolutely nothing but just because she was appointed an EC boss by one government. They insulted and keep insulting her to the point that they can even go to the shameful extend of mocking her international appointment. A rare opportunity other Nations, smaller like Ghana will fight to gain.
I am one person who mourned her dismissal as Ghana’s EC boss. I saw no proper wisdom in that decision. But what can one do if partisan politics is the main preoccupation ?

Enter madam Jean Mensah and before she opened office door another group had already found her to be evil. Even those far in the hinterlands, educated and otherwise, men and women who could never be like her began insulting her. To the extent we have on record an elderly man ordering his people to go to the market – to sell the honourable lady.

If you are not concerned about these Nation wrecking activities then I wouldn’t know anything you should be concerned about again.

Today well educated, knowledgeable groups and individuals can no more have their place in this Nation’s development. If people holding PhDs, Professors, and other with specialized knowledge want jobs they will have to kowtow to some political riff. No respect for anyone in Ghana due to politics. Anyone can commit crimes and go unpunished because he wears a particular party’s colors.

Haven’t our values as a society diminished or died completely ? I have always asked, how did we get here ? And then shall our savior come ?

Thoughts of Kwame Tutu, a broadcast journalist.