Tutu Faculty

Ghana – a land of complicated citizens

Yes, dealing with the Ghanaian is painfully complicated. It’s difficult to tell what the Ghanaians want, what is important to him/her, when to say or not to say something.

A land full of thieves and hypocrites – operating through and behind politics, religion, media and a so called civil society.

In today’s Ghana no one can speak without him/herself or another person or group of persons injecting or reading some partisan political meanings into it, even if what the fellow talked about has nothing to do with politics.

You see politically blind novices doing all they can to even denigrate and pull those who don’t want to be associated with politics into the stinking political gutters.

It will be so difficult to find a real truthful person in this land.

All the millions making noise about the Nation not been governed well are stealing from every iota of opportunity that avails itself.

Today, one’s own school mates dont want to laugh and have a truthful conversation with him/her just because of politics.


Young men and women, who claim to be educated have seized thinking but only to praise and glorify people in higher political offices. They do that to seek favours.

Today policemen are being killed like rats. Go talk about it and you will immediately be branded party A or B.

I had hope. I was of the believe that this Nation shall succeed.
I don’t think I can hold on to that believe today if you ask me.

Not a single person seem to love this land. Everyone wants to have all the resources, doesn’t care if the millions die. We are a destructive people.