Getaway Couple: Plan Your Perfect RV Camping Getaway

Vacations are breaks from your typical responsibilities when you can rest and relax. They can provide a chance to explore or indulge in personal interests. Vacations are also an ideal time to focus on relationships and spend time with the most important people in your life.

For adventurous couples, a recreational vehicle (RV) camping getaway can be the perfect way to rest, relax, enjoy your interests, and focus on spending time with your significant other. Let’s look at some steps to take to plan the perfect RV camping getaway.

Decide how you want to pass your time.


You don’t have to be inactive to rest and relax on your camping trip. A lot of activities that promote relaxation involve activity. The key is identifying activities you enjoy rather than performing work-related tasks. Perhaps you enjoy nature walks and find them relaxing. You may find kayaking or boating to be the perfect way to spend your day. Camping trips can incorporate various activities, ranging from visiting casinos to cooking over campfires to visiting amusement parks, and it’s important to consider how you want to spend your time when you aren’t driving.

Create an itinerary.


Once you know what activities you want to enjoy on your camping trip, you can identify suitable destinations. For example, you may be drawn to a premier RV park on the Oregon coast with easy access to multiple hiking trails and golf courses. You’ll also be close to a casino and art museum, giving you options for indoor activities on rainy days. Make campground reservations to ensure you have a place to camp once you reach your destination.

Think about how much driving you want to do each day. Some people find driving relaxing, but driving for extended periods can be tiring. You may feel it’s worth putting in one long day driving if you have one primary destination in mind for your trip. Still, if you’re planning to visit multiple destinations, you may want to plan shorter driving days interspersed with activities.

Prepare a packing list.



Packing for a camping trip involves packing clothing, items for activities, toiletries, and food. Preparing packing lists for each type of item can ensure you don’t overlook any essentials you’ll need on your camping getaway.

You may need some items suitable for planned activities, such as a swimsuit and hiking boots. You may want to take a pair of sandals for the beach or running shoes for touring cultural sites and museums. Consider the weather and whether to pack jeans and sweaters or shorts and tee shirts.

Undergarments are a necessity, and you can choose between several underwear styles. Whether you prefer bikini underwear or a thong, you can choose between fabrics, such as cotton or lace. Cotton or stretch thongs are ideal if you’re engaging in physical activities, while lace thongs can be the perfect choice if you’re planning intimate time with your partner. Perhaps you’ll opt to invest in some new undergarments before your trip. Choose from an assortment of colors, including purple, pink, nude, navy, and black. Matching your new underwear with a new bra is a great way to help you look your best and feel great.

Essential activity items can include lighters for starting campfires, board games, and recreational equipment. Make room for a few books you can enjoy during your vacation. Standard toiletries include toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo. Determine if you plan to eat out regularly or want to cook most of your meals. Oatmeal, eggs, and bagels are great breakfast options.

Do a maintenance check on your RV.


Check your RV’s fluids and get the oil changed before your trip. Follow a maintenance checklist and perform a vehicle inspection, ensuring you don’t overlook any crucial steps you should take before you depart. The last thing you’ll want on your getaway is to spend time and money on costly repairs you can avoid.

Planning an RV camping getaway starts with identifying activities you want to enjoy and creating an itinerary. Pack appropriate items for your travel plans and perform preventative maintenance on your RV to ensure you’re ready for a relaxing, memorable getaway.