Get To Know Some Vital Things AboutDrum Triggers

Generally, drum triggers are small devices connected with a drum module that can also be defined as a live drum kit or electronic drum kit. If we talk technically, drum triggers can be called sensors attached to the drum so that the drum head can contact the triggers, and then, the desired sound can be produced similar to the electronic drum sets.

The task of a drum trigger is to convert the drum hits into audio signals that are further transformed by the drum module into digital signals. Then, it’s time for the drum module to utilize the digital signal to trigger any sound file. The major task of drum triggers is to trigger the drum sound. To know more about them, continue reading the article!

Some Key Benefits Of Drum Triggers:

Now, let us talk about the advantages of drum triggers that make you convinced that you should try drum triggers for your drum sets.

  1. Conjunction Option

The first advantage is that any drum kit can be converted into an electronic drum kit by utilizing the triggers in conjunction with the drum heads. Thus, you have the option to convert your drum set just by adding triggers.

  1. Every Sound Can Be Triggered

With the help of triggers, you have the option to trigger almost every sound that you want (if your drum module allows you to do so). Hence, the majority of the drum modules are compatible with drum triggers. So, you don’t have to worry about that.

  1. Mixing Sounds

Triggers are good at mixing sounds. Therefore, you have the option, to begin with, your drum sound samples if they are good enough. By using these triggers, you will become the sound engineer’s best friend.  Furthermore, you get the option to send your drum sound quickly to your in-ear monitors.

Optimize Your Drums For Drum Triggers:

There are some considerable factors to contemplate when you are optimizing your drum triggers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Dead Drums

Triggers usually work best with “Dead drums”. But, there will be fewer issues in triggering when using “snare and kick” as compared to the “toms”. This happens due to the resonance of drum heads.

However, “dead drum” means that there is no or minimal ring sound from the drum when you hit it. The ringing is due to the drum resonating and the vibration of the drum skin. It is not good for triggering as it makes the triggering go inaccurate.

  • Tight Drum Skins

For triggering accurately and more precisely, it is essential to have tight drum skin. But, kick drums triggers far better than the drums having loose skin. For instance, small drums that are basically “toms” trigger more perfectly.  This is why considering this factor is very important for better optimization of your drum triggers.

  • Balancing

One more way to optimize triggering is balancing as everything in drumming depends upon your balance. But, if you desire to use mic with your drum kit or even wish to hear real drum sound while using the drum triggers, you can consume your time and try to find out what works best for you.

Wrapping Up!

Having information about anything before using it is very important because only then, you can utilize it perfectly. The same thing goes with drum triggers. There are many advantages of drum triggers that can easily convince you to use them. Moreover, when you agree on using the drum triggers, do not forget to optimize your drum triggers for the perfect outcome of the sound.