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To thrive online and stay relevant in the business, you need to have robust SEO implementations on your website. To ensure your website is performing excellently among search engines, it’s important to get an SEO audit to uncover all the strengths and shortcomings of the website.

On average, around 53% of the website traffic comes organically. Also, if the website fails to load within 3 seconds, the bounce rate goes as high as 70%. With such compelling stats, it’s important to know the performance of your website.

Whether you are launching your website or you already have one, you can get a free SEO audit report from EZ Rankings. And based on that you can pick a suitable SEO packages for your website. In this free report, you get a comprehensive and in-depth status of your website uncovering all the technical and UX improvements. Once you get the SEO report of your website from EZ Rankings, you can understand what optimizations you need to perform to stand out from the competition.

Why is an SEO audit report important?

SEO is dynamic and as search engines keep upgrading their algorithm, it’s very important to keep up with the updates and optimize the website accordingly. By auditing your website for SEO, you get to know several improvements that you need to perform to take advantage of that update.

When you opt for a free SEO audit report for your website, you can uncover all the improvements and get your website optimized to get ahead of the curve. From technical issues to on-page optimization suggestions; our SEO audit report covers everything that you need to know for improving your website.

What does our SEO audit report consist of?

Our SEO audit reports are comprehensive and cover multiple aspects that help you improve the overall performance of the website. Following are the key aspects that our SEO audit report has that come in handy while performing SEO.

Overall SEO score:

The first thing you need to know is the overall SEO score that tells how well a website is optimized for SEO. From a score between 0 to 100, you can check your website’s score and see what things need to be fixed. The higher the score the better the SEO implementation and vice versa.

Site’s speed analysis:

Speed is the major ranking factor and you need to have a fast & responsive website to improve the user experience. Our SEO audit report also covers the speed insights of your website so that you can work on it to make it even more hassle-free to access.

Meta tags checking:

Meta tags, in simple words, are data about data that help search engines to understand your website better. Our SEO reports uncover all the missing Meta tags and the pages that need Meta tags optimization on priority. From title tags to Meta description, and image at tags — our report gives you comprehensive details about the overall Meta tags status of your website.

URL optimization check

URL optimization is an important SEO factor that helps you know which URLs you need to optimize to make them more readable to search engines and humans. A good and easy-to-read URL structure is important to improve the user experience as well as the organic ranking. Our SEO report gives you detailed information about complete URLs to make the optimization process easier.

Get started with EZ Rankings and get a free SEO audit report for your website today. Experience the best and performance-driven SEO for your website and take an edge in your industry. Get in touch with EZ Rankings – SEO Company in India, to explore more about search engine optimization services.