Gambling Addiction: Who is to Blame?

Gambling Addiction: Who is to Blame?

To be realistic, gambling is a resourceful and entertaining venture for many today. But, it has also led to serious addiction cases among many gamblers. So, who is to blame for this addictive stigma about gambling?


Today, the prevalence of gambling and its schemes continues to flourish as many punters are entering the industry. There are now many opportunities for everyone to have fun and at the same time win real money legally.

Especially for Australians, casinos have extended to online platforms with huge winning chances. More reasons why you can play at the highest payout online casinos in Australia and win real money. These services stand out by offering one of the fastest payout gaming with amazing casino bonuses in the industry.

Moreover, they also excel at making betting enjoyable for bettors. However, for this article, we won’t be focusing only on the rewarding side of gambling. As entertaining as this activity is, it can also create a serious addiction for some punters. A 2017 estimate of the National Center for Responsible Gaming showed that about 4 million American citizens have a gambling disorder.

This is also true globally as over 60 million people have been found to suffer from different sorts of betting addiction. And judging from the 3.05% global rate of this issue, the numbers are just too high. So, who is to be blamed? Continue reading this review and find out why casinos and the players themselves play a part in this addictive scheme.

Gambling Addiction: Why Are Casinos To Blame?

Judging from another viewpoint, casinos also play a crucial part in promoting gambling addiction. They use psychological tricks by designing gaming machines in ways that players won’t be able to resist the urge to play. Moreover, these casino services offer various forms of rewards to their customers that are about to quit to change their minds.

Presently, I don’t think there should be a problem with gambling. Why? The likes of reliable online casinos have noticed the financial harm, loneliness, helplessness, and health issues their services may be causing. This is why they’ve been forced to implement safety measures so gambling can be a safe environment for everyone.

As these companies now adapt to these measures of creating secure casino game entertainments and experiences, players are once again free. Apart from the newly revised edition of interesting games like slots, roulette, and table games, huge bonuses are now a thing. Aussie players can now find casinos that offer up to 100 free spins and maximize their earnings without risking anything. Just by calming the bonuses, you can enjoy your favorite games with minimum risk involved.

Gamblers And The Addiction Blame: Why Should We Blame The Players?

For many, gambling is completely harmless, while it can be a very dangerous activity for others. The fact that many gamble at casinos and develop serious addiction is a major problem for the latter type of bettors. At first, players may venture into gambling for the money. And it may seem like the main source of motivation for addicts.

However, this wealthy ideology about betting isn’t always the case, as many problem gamblers do this at their expense. Most of this habit has been created as a result of different factors the player may be medicating unknowingly. For example, there are different forms of biological and psychological factors many ignore and are the main drivers of this harmful habit.

Biologically, most people face addictions due to the harmful release of certain chemicals that stimulates the brain to engage in different acts. Fifty percent of addictions globally are mainly a personal biological effect of the brain. The Human Brain functions in a way that it is compelled to repeat pleasurable experiences that include eating, drinking, and having sex.

Although, these experiences are mainly triggered in the brain to help us survive instinctively as humans. But, as time passes, the brain, once introduced to new stimuli, accepts and creates an adaptive pattern on this behavior. This is how biology affects problem gamblers in developing serious addictions. It tricks the player’s mind and may even change the structure of the brain to motivate addictive activities.

5 Healthy Tips for Gamblers To Play Safely

  •       Avoid chasing losses.
  •       Engage in other activities apart from gambling.
  •       Ask for help once you start noticing serious symptoms of problem gambling.
  •       Gamble at legal and fair casinos.
  •       Only engage in betting as a form of entertainment and never borrow to play at a casino.


Gambling addiction is a serious form of addiction that needs to be discussed with sensitivity and urgency. This is more of the reason few gambling services follow strict measures to satisfy their customers with interesting and secure experiences.